Making your practice autism friendly

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Hypnotherapists and trainees
Free - yes, really!

Autism affects more than 1% of the population so it's very likely to affect some of your clients, even if it's not their presenting issue.

This course will make you aware of what autism is, how it affects those who are on the spectrum, and how to make your services more accessible and user-friendly to them.

The course has been written by a mother and daughter team - Debbie Waller, a respected and established therapist and trainer, and Rachel Waller who is a published author and is on the spectrum herself.

It is validated by the ACCPH and suitable for CPD. It takes around six hours to complete.

The course is 100% free, including free support and certification if you complete it within three months of receiving it.

The course is suitable for anyone who deals with the public and has been completed by therapists of all kinds, hairdressers, prison officers, educators and many more.

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Hosted by Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training

Debbie Waller is a respected and experienced trainer, and therapist: author of 'The Hypnotherapy Handbook' and ''Their Worlds, Your Words', co-author of 'The Hypnotherapy Handbook' and founder/head tutor at Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training.

Hosted by Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training