Intimacy coaching membership

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Open to all
£20 per month

2 x Zoom sessions per month (slots to be confirmed based on members availability)

We wanted to create a way to reach more women. We know that working 1:2:1 isn’t an option for everyone, but we believe everyone deserves access to this work. We believe every woman is sexual in their own right, that society has robed us of our sexual energy, creating disconnection with our bodied, disconnection within our sex lives, and a general lack of self love and fulfilment of life. 

We want to create a space for women to come together to grow and embody their true worth, to deeply understand and accept themselves. We want to create a space for deep authenticity so that women can share and step into their true power. We all deserve more than a lifetime of survival and through dedication and numerous practices we can transform our lives and our realities. 

The way we perceive ourselves in the world is the way we will show up in the world. It is time to create a new narrative for what it means to be a woman, to bravely step out of the box we have been pushed into and question everything. 

If you are keen to join us on this journey, reach out. Me and Rachel will be holding two zoom sessions each month, working step by step through everything which helped us to transform our own realities. Guest instructors will also be joining us to provide their own expertises. You will also have access to all our App-based courses, so you can do ‘the work’. This is a space for complete ownership, a space free from judgement for women to come together and self heal. 

To sign up text MEMBERSHIP to 07710506600 or DM us on instagram @The_hormone_Hub or email @ 

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Hosted by Holly Robinson

Team of Intimacy Coaches & Sex Experts! Holly & Rachel + Guest Instructors throughout the membership programme.

Hosted by Holly Robinson