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Hypno gastric band online CPD course

This course is aimed at hypnotherapists who want to learn the specific weight loss system using the hypno gastric band.

Lorraine Gleeson started using the hypno-band system (originated by John Maclean) and was initially licensed in September 2009.

Lorraine further developed the system using additional hypnotherapy and NLP techniques with excellent results.

This system, developed by the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy, is unique and uses techniques developed over many years of working with many clients with weight problems.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to gather information from your client prior to hypnosis.
  • How to create new positive behaviours using hypnosis.
  • What scripts to record for your clients to reinforce their therapy.
  • Why showing a video of how a surgical gastric band is fitted is helpful to your client.
  • Discussing the scripts you will be using.

Also included:

  • A practical role play demonstration.
  • A download for sound effects and DVD of the gastric band to show to your clients.
  • All scripts for all sessions including scripts to pre-record to give to your clients.
  • Script to deliver creating positive changes.
  • A download of the hypno gastric band manual to print off and keep.

On completion of the online training course, you will be able to download and print off your certificate of completion and offer the four-session hypno gastric band treatment to your clients.

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Hosted by Lorraine Gleeson

Lorraine Gleeson has been working full time as a hypnotherapist for 12 years. In 2011 I wrote a diploma course, accredited by the GHSC, and set up the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy. We also run CPD workshops for hypnotherapists in the classroom and online and offer Ad Hoc supervision to newly qualified hypnotherapists all over the UK via skype.

Hosted by Lorraine Gleeson