Group support and supervision

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29th June 2024, 10.00am - 4.00pm
Hypnotherapists and trainees
Holiday Inn, Olympus Avenue, Tachbrook Park, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 6RJ

All hypnotherapists are welcome.

This event is not limited only to those who trained with me. Students and certified hypnotherapists from any training provider are very welcome. Scroll down to the bottom and read all the information.

Join us for an enlightening and life-changing two-hour presentation/workshop on:
Working with children and younger clients by Meera Mehat.

Open to all hypnotherapists and trainees. Enter into the world of working with children and younger people.

  • Understand the unique challenges they face in today’s world and how they impact their mental health and emotional well-being and the impact it has on their lives.
  • Gain insight into legislation and ethical guidelines, ensuring you’re equipped to obtain informed consent, maintain confidentiality, and establish professional boundaries for an ethical practice.
  • Explore safety measures and professional boundaries crucial for ensuring a secure and ethical practice.
  • Learn effective approaches to connect with young minds, including age-appropriate language, communication styles, and techniques like imagery, visualisation, storytelling, and metaphors.
  • How to build trust and rapport and engage with adolescents to create a supportive environment for their growth.
  • Enrich your skills with real-life case studies and best practices.
  • Join us on this included two-hour workshop presentation as part of our group support event in making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people.
  • Those who have decided not to work with children will still find this invaluable and may change your mind.

This is free and inclusive to all who sign up for our June support event.

We have engaged our own Harley Street specialist hypnotherapist Meera Mehat who will share some of her knowledge and expertise to help us work with younger clients.

About Meera

  • I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a D.A. Hyp Advanced Hypnotherapy practitioner diploma and 30+ years experience in successfully helping clients navigate through issues such as trauma, anxiety, stress, and menopause.

Teenagers and children support:

  • Having a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by teenagers and children in today’s world, my background in education and teaching equips me to address their issues with empathy and insight.
  • I am dedicated to empowering the younger generation to become more resilient and stronger in the face of challenges.
  • My therapeutic approach for teenagers and children focuses on fostering resilience, building coping strategies, and promoting positive emotional well-being.

Training, qualifications and experience: 

I have completed training courses with some of the most eminent hypnotherapists including Paul McKenna who is one of the best-known hypnotherapists. I have also completed a recent training course with Dr Richard Bandler, the co-founder of the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to ensure that I am up to date with all industry developments. Last but not least, training with John Dewar who runs excellent and informative specialist training courses including EMDR and keeps me abreast of new techniques. I and many hypnotherapists have found John’s refresher training days extremely beneficial.

My personal accreditations are:

  • Qualified Clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.
  • ​Senior associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine.
  • ​General Hypnotherapy Register – Registered Practitioner.
  • Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council - Accredited member

Event details

10.00 – 12.00 Presentation (optional, you can choose to attend the afternoon only).
12.00 – 13.00 Break for lunch.
13.00 – 16.00 Group support. Guidance.

For more information and registration, visit: supervision-days or call John on 0779969235
The morning subject/presentation is only available and is included free to those who have paid for the afternoon support event.

The group event fee is £46.00.
No need to pay now. Reserve online and choose BACS and I will invoice around 21st June.

Our March event was a roaring success and the new format of breaking into smaller groups was well received.

Thinking about supervision or support?

When you think of attending supervision-group peer support, what are your initial thoughts? Are you going to attend only because it is a requirement of your registration membership?

Let me give my take on one very important benefit. You build a network of contacts with like-minded people willing to share. People you can call for advice. People you can meet for coffee and chat. Arrange referrals both ways. You might not like working with Trauma and enjoy Phobias as an example. There maybe another therapist with the opposite likes and dislikes. Exchange contact details. Build social media contact groups. e.g. What’sApp.
Meet specialists on specific issues. Gain advice on choosing a speciality. Pick up marketing ideas. Discover others who have similar issues or thoughts.

We work in an insular environment only meeting clients and helping them resolve their issues. Networking allows you to meet others in the same situation and let’s face it, it is good to talk. My group support events help provide this.

I desire to provide a safe place for you to ask questions perhaps on a difficult client issue. A place where you can talk freely without fear of criticism. Where you can perhaps help others by sharing your knowledge. In line with the GHR criteria for membership newly qualified hypnotherapists are required to attend four supervision sessions or peer support events annually during their first two years of practice. Plus complete 25 hours CPD annually.

Our supervision-peer support events are an excellent way to further build your confidence and skills, and meet with fellow hypnotherapists to build a network of contacts.

My group peer support events align with the membership criteria of the General Hypnotherapy Register, the GHSc & ACCPH accreditation. Attendance confirmation and receipts are issued in PDF format after the event. My group peer support days are available to any qualified hypnotherapists and student hypnotherapists. It does not matter where you trained.

In addition to sharing information and ideas, you can receive advice and support on all things hypnotic! If you have a question and would prefer to be anonymous then send it to me. I will raise it at the event. No names are divulged. Requests to present on a topic must be agreed on and content approved by me prior to the event date.

The morning free content could be subject to change without notice.
E & O E.

For the avoidance of doubt do not confuse a group support event with a training course. This is not a training course, although it is eligible for CPD hours. In order to attend the free morning session you must book and pay for the group peer support event.

You have to book and pay to confirm your reservation.
Clicking attending on Facebook is not a reservation.
Book online and choose BACS.

Only those who have paid are eligible to receive the handouts and video of the event.

N.B. No cancellations with refunds on or after 23rd June.

Past presentations include:

  • professional CD/MP3 recording
  • social media
  • online marketing
  • optimised website and video production
  • rapid inductions
  • anchoring
  • Gestalt therapy techniques
  • weight e.g. reducing and removing food cravings and more…
  • fast phobia and re-wind technique
  • website optimisation
  • working with children and teens with Meera Mehat in June 2024
  • NLP including swish pattern and distance swish and new behaviour techniques
  • age regression
  • glove anaesthesia
  • Esdaile trance state
  • past life regression
  • Abitas recording studio on making high-quality professional recordings
  • timeline therapy
  • understanding how to create your marketing 1 March
  • completing the marketing package. pt 2 June
  • negotiation between parts (September)
  • understanding and using hashtags and Instagram (Dec 2018)
  • fast/rapid/shock inductions and kinaesthetic deepeners. (Dec 2019)
  • presentation from Dawn Rowley on various techniques. (June 2020)
  • protocol for dealing with clients presenting suicidal thoughts (March 2021)
  • Gestalt therapy techniques (June 2021)
  • havening with Dawn plus parts therapy with John (November 2021)
  • past life regression (march 2022)
  • presentation by Fiona Burton on inner child. June 2022.
  • a trauma-informed approach. Fiona Burton (December 2022)
  • control panel March 2023 with John
  • recording studio June 2023 with Bill Bates
  • menopause September 2023 with Meera Mehat
  • working with cancer patients and their carers December 2023 with Roy Poller
  • the emotion code with Mike Howkins in March 2024

N.B. Online video and telephone support/mentoring/guidance is available free to all those who completed their full Hypnotherapist Practitioner Certification training with my school. For all others, I offer a reduced hourly rate of £120.00ph.

There is a minimum charge of £60.00 for 30 minutes. This must be pre-booked and pre-paid. Those wishing to use this service should e-mail me for an invoice and once paid we will arrange a time.

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Hosted by John Dewar

Your host me JD has many years of experience both as a Hypnotherapist and as a Trainer. My training school was accredited in 2006 by the GHR and re-accredited in 2015 to comply with the CNHC. Our training and CPD courses are GHSc and ACCHP accredited. I am also a GHR Acknowledged supervisor. UK learning provider number 10048797 UKLP. NOS Compliant.