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Dunmow Day Centre, Rowena Davey Centre, Chequers Lane, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1QY

For those who dare to be bold, who want to lead by example, this workshop offers an experiential fear clearing opportunity for leaders of personal development, entrepreneurs and anyone who is on a personal development journey who wants to to be able to walk their talk and clear their blocks.

Becoming powerful, confident and clear as you were meant to be, is your gift to the world. Getting out of your own way enables you to bring more of you to your work, to your life, and to your families becoming fully authentically you and enjoying unsurpassed well-being.

What are the benefits?

In my one day clear the fear workshops in the UK and overseas, you have an opportunity to address your performance anxieties, your blocks to success, and rework how you show up in the world. Once you’ve shifted, your future is waiting for you.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience:

  • Increased ability to relate effectively with others.
  • Feeling profoundly connected.
  • Feeling the freedom to be yourself.
  • Increased confidence.
  • More courage.
  • Bring passion to your work and commitments.
  • Feel confident working with others blocks and impasses.
  • Modelling energetic transformation for your personal development clients.
  • Expanded awareness of how to grow your business.
  • Inspiring approaches you can adopt for those you work with.

Clear the fear workshops incorporate a powerful integration of meditation, hypnotherapy, 5 rhythms movement and dance, psychodrama, movement meditation, family constellation, and art. Each day is lead by the content that individuals bring to the group directed by your course director Jenny Lynn. No matter how many times you visit, each day will be a unique odyssey of activities and challenges that evolve as the day unfolds. You have the opportunity to stay present with whatever arises, like a mindfulness meditation, so that you can capture what normally escapes and take the opportunity to rewrite your life script. In the moment of catharsis, trapped emotions are released from the body and you can profoundly decide a new way of being.

Who is it for?

This day is ideal for anyone who is ready and committed to clearing the fear out of their lives and stepping into their power.

In particular:

  • People working in personal development.
  • Those about to launch a practice in personal development – therapists, coaches, energy workers etc.
  • Those seeking opportunities to keep learning.
  • Those with a keen interest in shaping their own lives.
  • Entrepreneurs who know they need to get out of their own way.
  • Those who are ready to step forward with trepidation and deal with their demons once and for all!.

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Dates run throughout 2015 starting on 18th January. This workshop is also hosted around the UK and is making guest appearances in Sri Lanka and Singapore in 2015 so check the website for details.

If you want to be in the vanguard of the wake up movement, join us.

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Hosted by Jenny Lynn

Jenny is a transpersonal therapist, intuitive coach, personal development mentor, experienced workshop designer & trainer, author, speaker and buddhist. She offers leadership to her therapist colleagues inspiring them to grow and embody the changes they wish to see in their clients. Her style is insightful, intuitive, authentic and challenging.