Advanced regression techniques course in Kent, UK (Zoom option)

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20th - 22nd September 2024, 9.30am - 5.00pm
Hypnotherapists and trainees
5 The Chapel, Abbey Place, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7BG

Led by regression expert Steve Burgess.

The aim of this three-day workshop is not only to deepen your knowledge of regression techniques using some of the methods that Steve has found to be very useful over the years but also to focus on one of the most important areas of regression therapy which is often totally overlooked by most therapists – that of genealogical or inherited ancestral traumas.

As we know, many issues that are presented to us in the consulting room often have their root causes in significant emotional events (SEEs) that have taken place either earlier in this life or in past lifetimes. However, Steve’s work over the past few years with clients has highlighted that ancestral traumas are as important (often more important) than SEEs in this life or former lives and by working to release the genealogical causes, clients experience incredible healings.

Genealogical traumas can sometimes be the ‘missing link’ that can open up and fix clients’ problems when nothing else is working and can help heal a wide variety of issues including physical illness, fears, phobias, anxiety states, weight problems, depression, lack of confidence, OCD, etc.

On the course, we will also focus on rebirthing techniques, allowing participants to explore their birth experiences. Clearing birth trauma is a vitally important part of regression work and usually leads to major healing for clients. 

As well as this, some time will be given to a couple of the quirkier (but still important) aspects of regression that sometimes crop up in regression sessions: releasing spirit attachments and working with possible alien abduction cases.

The course will allow you to deepen and consolidate your knowledge of regression, but please note that it is only open to therapists who have already trained with Steve in past life regression or who have substantial experience with regression techniques in their practices.

Special offer: Take advantage of our refresher rate for those who have attended the course previously. Only £120!

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Hosted by Marcia Eden-Tillman

Steve Burgess has been a Hypnotherapist for over 30 years and has completed over 15,000 therapy sessions.

Hosted by Marcia Eden-Tillman