Accredited hypnotherapist practitioner: online training course

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31st August - 14th December 2024, 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Open to all

This online hypnotherapy qualification is accredited by the GHSC.

Learn in a comfortable, safe environment all that you need to be a fully accredited, professional, ethical, confident and skilled hypnotherapist. The Zoom sessions are live and interactive (not pre-recorded seminars). You can ask questions and practice your skills in student breakout rooms (supervised). Don't worry - we will look after you every step of the way.

Your journey starts with the certificate course. Over six modules you will learn:

  • History and pioneers of hypnosis; models of the mind; suggestibility; ways of delivering hypnotherapy.
  • Principles of hypnotherapy.
  • Safe and ethical practice.
  • How to plan and conduct a hypnotherapy session.
  • Methods of inducing hypnosis; abreactions.
  • Indirect suggestion and Ericksonian hypnotherapy.
  • Applied NLP techniques.
  • Practical application of CBT techniques and models.

At the end of the course, you may decide to pause your studies, in which case you will be awarded the certificate in integrative hypnotherapy. However, most students continue seamlessly into the diploma training.

Continuing from certificate training over an additional 10 modules, the diploma course equips you to become a professional hypnotherapist. This course has been assessed by the GHSC as meeting L5 Ofqual equivalence (L8 in Scotland).

Your learning will include:​

  • Good practice; codes of ethics; data protection; safeguarding; professional boundaries.
  • Stress, anxiety, phobia, PTSD and depression.
  • Weight management, including the hypnotic gastric band.
  • Habits, addictions and quitting smoking hypnotherapy.
  • Pain management techniques.
  • Confidence, self-esteem and improving performance.
  • Working with children, pregnancy and childbirth ('hypnobirthing').
  • Using advanced techniques.
  • Establishing and developing your own hypnotherapy business.

In order to be awarded the PDip.IH qualification (and go on to seek GHR 'practitioner' status and also to acquire professional indemnity insurance), students will additionally have passed a final examination (open book) and completed a specified number of client case studies.

Following graduation, you will receive free support/supervision for the first six months.

Contact me to find out more and book your place. 

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Hosted by Harry Holbrook

This course is operated by h2 Hypnotherapy Training Harry Holbrook Dip.AH SQHP GHR CNHC reg is your course principal, tutor & co-assessor. He is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and trainer at Further & Higher Education levels and also within the voluntary sector. Harry runs a therapy practice and classroom-based courses in Perthshire.

Hosted by Harry Holbrook