Ask the experts: Can hypnotherapy help me stop vaping?

Vaping is recommended to adults by the NHS as an effective way to stop cigarette smoking, but many people will eventually wish to stop smoking altogether.

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There are a number of physical and mental benefits to stopping vaping, but it can be tricky to manage initial withdrawal symptoms and look beyond the cravings. This is where hypnotherapy can be really useful. Here, clinical hypnotherapist Lesley Ford answers your questions on hypnotherapy for vaping cessation.

How does hypnotherapy for stopping vaping work?

Hypnotherapy for stopping vaping involves tapping into the power of the subconscious mind to break the habit at its root. Through a relaxed state of focused attention, usually sitting comfortably in a chair, individuals are guided to explore their motivations for vaping and address the underlying triggers.

Hypnotherapy helps reshape negative thought patterns and instil positive suggestions. This includes delving into the root causes, such as stress or social pressures, and suggesting new thought patterns and coping mechanisms. Additionally, hypnotherapy can create aversions to vaping by associating it with negative feelings at a subconscious level. The process aims to reframe thought patterns, break the habit-forming cycle, and instil a deep belief in one’s ability to quit.

What can I expect in a stop-vaping hypnosis session?

In a stop-vaping hypnosis session, you can expect to be guided into a relaxed and suggestible state. Once comfortable in your relaxed state – similar to daydreaming, where the subconscious mind becomes more receptive – the hypnotherapist, and you, will explore the subconscious mind, identifying your vaping triggers and addressing the root causes of the vaping addiction.

Techniques may include suggesting new thought patterns, coping mechanisms, and creating aversions to vaping. The session aims to rewire behaviours, enhance willpower, and empower individuals to overcome challenges associated with vaping. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs, promoting self-awareness and empowering you to overcome cravings.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of hypnotherapy sessions needed for vaping cessation can vary among individuals. I tend to take an in-depth consultation to find out triggers and associated behaviours. Usually, no more than two sessions are required and, mostly, one main session is all that is needed in my experience. Having said this, other therapists may do more sessions and it does depend on the addiction. Sessions are often followed by regular check-ins – I offer mine over six months, for example, so I know my clients are still vape-free.

Lesley’s top tips for people wanting to stop vaping

  • Mindfulness. Cultivate awareness of your vaping triggers and habits. Mindfulness helps you recognise the urge to vape and choose healthier responses.
  • Set clear goals. Define specific, realistic, and time-bound goals for quitting. Having a clear road map enhances motivation and provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • Have a support system. Share your goal with friends, family, or a support group. Surrounding yourself with encouragement creates a positive environment for change.
  • Stress management. Try to develop alternative stress-relief strategies, such as deep breathing or exercise, to replace vaping as a coping mechanism. Building resilience aids in long-term success.
  • Behavioural replacement. Identify the specific situations or activities associated with vaping and replace them with healthier alternatives. For example, if you used to vape during breaks, consider taking a short walk or practising a quick mindfulness exercise instead.

This article was originally published in Happiful Magazine (Issue 83, 2024). You can order print copies online, or read the e-magazine for free on the Happiful app.

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Written by Emily Whitton
Emily is a Content Creator & Marketing Coordinator at Happiful and a writer for Hypnotherapy Directory.
Written by Emily Whitton
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