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With less than three weeks to go until the big C-day, we’re spending every free minute thinking about gifts – who we need to buy for, how much to spend, and what’s going to keep us in their good books until next year.

It can be difficult to buy for the ‘person who has everything’ and sometimes you just want to get something a little bit different for a loved one.

Relaxation gifts can be an ideal present, whatever your budget; gifting presents that aren’t something they need, but something even they never knew they wanted.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas to help you out, and help a person in your life relax this Christmas:

For the ‘creative’ one

If you’ve got someone arty in your life, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves. Try something that lets them chill out, whilst enjoying and improving their own arts and crafts skills. Maybe a sewing kit or adult colouring book (£3.99) could be the thing that will help them wind down.

For the one that likes a cosy night in

Their cosy night in will be fully complete with a heated foot massager (£49.99) – and they’ll wonder what they ever did without it. Or, for a pressie that’s kinder to the smaller budget, think about room fragrances; a reed diffuser is a perfect accompaniment to a relaxing evening at home – wintery smells such a cinnamon and berries are calming and perfectly Christmassy!

For the bath lover

If you know someone that can never resist a bath, cash in on that and help them to make bath time even more indulgent with a luxury bath pillow (£19.99). Or, if your loved one is a serial shower-er (yes, we made up a word), but you want to introduce them to the magical me-time of bath time, gift them some bath melts (£9.95) to ease them in gently.

For the one that needs an early night

If you have a loved one that struggles to get to sleep, give them a present to help them along. A sleep mask and pillow spray (£16.00) could be just the ticket to help them relax and drift off as soon as their head hits the pillow.

For that person that needs a special treat

Why not go on a spa day together? This provides you perfect bonding time and makes a lovely, luxury present for them (and an indulgent treat for yourself, too!). Prices can vary, from £ for a single treatment, to £££ for a spa weekend with an overnight stay. So do your research, and bag yourself a good deal.

What’s on your wishlist this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Becky Banham
Becky is Brand and Social Strategist for Happiful and a writer for Hypnotherapy Directory.
Written by Becky Banham
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