Hypnotherapy for stress management

Increasing demands on our time, increasing hours worked, the need to always be available online and ready to respond and a general expectation that we can do and be all things; it’s no surprise stress is one of the leading reasons for absence in the workplace.

Stress has become part of our everyday vocabulary and at some point most people will experience the signs and symptoms associated with increased levels of stress. Many people miss the early signs of stress until a breaking point is reached or their body responds to the constant level of stress through a physical reaction.

How do you recognise the early signs of stress and prevent it leading to something more serious?

Review your week, how often did you feel overwhelmed in everyday situations? Do you feel uneasy, restless or irritable? Are you sleeping well or do you feel constantly tired?

These are just some of the early signs of your body and mind reacting to constant stressors.

Our mind is designed to protect us from stressors by giving us the signals to protect ourselves, through either ‘fight’ or ‘flight’. When daily stressors start to add up and we feel unable to control events and our bodies experience stress symptoms as a prompt to get out of the situation.

What can you do to reduce your mind and body reaction to stress?

Simple daily practices can be beneficial in supporting your ability to cope with stressful situations.

  • Take 5 mins every couple of hours to do some simple deep breathing exercises. Breathing deeply helps to relax the body and dissipate the physical reaction to stress. Focus on breathing in for a count of four holding for three and breathing out for three.
  • Try some meditation, there are many free apps available to help you start a daily meditation practice.
  • Exercise throughout the week, exercise has been shown to have a positive effect on reducing stress.
  • Try a hypnotherapy relaxation recording before you go to bed, this practice can help you relax and you may sleep easier too.

Overall, if you recognise any of the signs of stress the most important thing is not to ignore it but take some steps to recognise what your stressors might be and reduce your exposure to these or change your response to them.

Hypnotherapy can help both with supporting people to identify the triggers that may increase their stress, and provide techniques for ongoing stress management.

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All therapists are verified professionals