Hypnosis for confidence and self-esteem

Hypnosis for confidence and self-esteem.

Self-esteem is a need that we all share. It is a feeling of being capable to meet the challenges of life and of feeling deserving within ourselves, a natural feeling of delight in our own being. If self-esteem is the essential value we place upon ourselves - and our feelings of worthiness - then confidence is that feeling translated into action as this self-esteem plays out in our lives.

There are specific situations where we may feel more confident than others, but the feeling that we can learn and cope with the challenges that we face is the essence of a healthy sense of self.

Is it all self-esteem?

In general, whenever a client is working on a problem, self-esteem is intimately tied to that presenting issue. With a social phobia there may be a lack of confidence in the ability to engage in everyday encounters. Or a feeling of being overweight could impact upon confidence and feelings about image and self value, relating to others and even feelings about what is not deserved. Many issues from a fear of public speaking, anxiety, phobias and even an inability to stop smoking can impact upon feelings of confidence. It should be mentioned though, that having low self-esteem itself could be responsible for many of the problems and challenges that people face. An increase in self-esteem can be a sufficient motivator to make positive constructive choices that are beneficial and life affirming.

But what if you go to a hypnotherapist for confidence itself? Does hypnosis work? What will I experience?

Many paths to confidence

Sometimes you will be assisted to develop a new confident persona and to experience yourself as a new confident you. Or you may revisit and learn from incidents from your past. Maybe you will learn to be self-accepting and feel gratitude for your life, for when you develop the ability to accept yourself it is easier to move forward without holding yourself back. Perhaps you will be guided to change that 'negative self talk' that labels yourself as 'having no confidence' and replace it with a positive constructive way of thinking. It could be that you will work on setting goals, and developing an attitude of self responsibility which can profoundly impact upon feelings of self-esteem. These and many other approaches are commonly used by hypnotherapists to improve an individuals feelings of worthiness and there ability to engage happily and successfully.

Every person is unique and their needs are not all the same but hypnotherapy can be a useful and successful approach to improve the experience of self-esteem and confidence.

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Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2TW

Written by Shaun Purdy - Anxiety and Phobia Specialist BA (hons) C.M.H. C.Hyp

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2TW

Hi, I am Shaun and I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). I specialise in working with anxiety and fears of all kinds, ranging from a fear of public speaking to complex phobias. I am dedicated to helping improve the quality of people's lives t...

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