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I’d had a jagged history of gambling, wanting to quit yet loving the thrill. But I had come to a point where my relationship was at breaking point and I needed desperate action. I was in the national register waiting list, but that was going to take up to 6 months before a consultation became available. I knew I was not strong enough to do it on my own, so I sought the help of hypnotherapist Joanne.

I was nervous at first, but she put me at ease and we just talked a lot. I wondered how it worked as we were just talking, but it did. I no longer think about gambling and I get no emotion when I walk by a shop or a slot machine. I had six weeks of hypnotherapy and since then, I continue to see Joanne on a regular occasion, to keep me on track. She's incredibly grounded and a fantastic therapist. If you're dealing with a gambling problem and want to change, give hypnotherapy a chance.

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