Hypnotherapy has helped me in so many ways


Having been a very keen sportsman all my life - mainly football but also marathon running and golf - at the age of 51, I decided I'd had enough of football and instead decided to concentrate on the more sedate pleasure of golf. As I relaxed into this (no longer having to train aerobically), I started to drink more and enjoy the social side of life.

By this time, my father had been diagnosed with cancer. I watched my hero, who had grafted all his life and only had a short retirement, become so poorly. So, the drinking started to become a habit, and it was happening five nights a week. Sadly, my dad soon passed away and my mum, who was still alive but not well, needed to be cared for. The responsibility fell to my shoulders.

Now the drinking was seven nights a week with Saturday and Sunday afternoons the worst. Even though I knew it wasn’t right, I couldn’t break the habit. I had no energy and my confidence at work was wobbling. It all came to a head one Sunday when my wife said enough was enough and handed me Sue’s contact details - a hypnotherapist who she'd found on Hypnotherapy Directory.

I’m writing this the day before my fourth visit in four weeks and I now only have a bottle of wine on a Friday night and 4 cans of lager on a Saturday night - a huge improvement for me. My energy levels are back, my body is functioning as it should and I’ve even started running again. Strangely, the golf handicap still hasn’t improved though?

But I’m enjoying my job again and the confidence is back. I no longer crave to pick up a drink on the way home. I can't thank Sue enough.

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All therapists are verified professionals

All therapists are verified professionals

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