Tinnitus hypnotherapy CPD training

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Hypnotherapists and trainees

This tinnitus hypnotherapy CPD training will help you to help those clients suffering from tinnitus.

Sadly, so many people suffer from tinnitus, and it can be so debilitating for those suffering, having a negative impact on the client's quality of life. Because tinnitus sounds can be exceptionally distracting and irritating, it can also leave the client exhausted and unable to focus, and in many cases, affects the client's quality of sleep.

There is no cure for tinnitus, however with what you learn in the tinnitus CPD training, you’ll be able to help the clients with the wonderful soothing technique, the tinnitus hypnotherapy resources, and you’ll be able to reassure your clients that the tinnitus MP3 sound healing will help them in distracting themselves away from the dreadful noises that distress moment by moment.

All in all, using the tools that I give you regarding tinnitus, you will be able to help the client's mind to zone out from their usual sounds, so that they can take control and be hardly conscious of them, thereby achieving inner feelings of being, safe, calm and in control. In a nutshell, hypnotherapy for tinnitus can help decrease linked stress and anxiety, reducing the emotional impact and making it easier to cope in everyday life.

The online course is £96, however with the discount code NCHCPD75, it's only £72.

For more information and to enrol, visit hypnotherapy-cpd-training.teachable.com.

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Hosted by Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy

My name is Annette Brown and I have been a therapist and life coach since 2002. I have been training students since 2006 and I just love my job. It’s so wonderful seeing students step out of their comfort zone to unleash their unlimited potentiality and expand and grow as therapist, a person and as a coach.

Hosted by Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy