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St. Marks Church, North Audley Street, London, W1K 6ZA

In collaboration with Mercato Mayfair, I run group sessions that allow people to regain control of their lives and feel truly empowered.

These are run on Mondays 10am - 12noon and Wednesdays 6.30pm - 8.30pm.

Each week there is a different theme, like:

  • finding your purpose
  • healing from within (placebo effect)
  • becoming rejection-proof
  • what you seek is within you
  • talks on self-regulation
  • how to manage the symptoms of stress

Come along to one of my group sessions to find out more, feel empowered and regain back control of your life. 

Limited spaces: Please book through my website on the events page and get a ticket through Eventbrite

Theme Descriptions:

Self-Regulation and how to mange the symptoms of stress

During this session, you will learn about trauma and how it affects us physically as well as emotionally - what is stress, and what is its purpose? I will also talk to you about the difference between self-regulation and relaxation and teach you tools that can help you in your interactions in everyday life. Learn how to improve memory, sleep, dexterity, impulse control, intelligence and relational skills, and many more.

Finding your purpose

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? Why are you here? Our purpose is different from our job or even our career, sometimes it may earn you money, but sometimes it does not.

The true meaning of purpose is this: When you are doing it you feel complete and total peace in the knowledge that this is what you are meant to be doing.

One of the major causes of depression is not following your purpose or your heart's desire, following what others want us to do rather than what we want to be doing, for many people, they have not even been given the chance to find what it is that they like doing as they have always done what other wanted them to do - perhaps it is something like you've always wanted to be an actress, work with children, write a book etc. 

During this session, I will guide you to find what your purpose is, and what is it that your heart truly desires. You may even discover something about yourself that you never even knew.

When the body talks

Sometimes, people interpret 'psychosomatic' as meaning somebody's just imagining something. The actual meaning of psychosomatic is that the emotional dynamics are expressing themselves in the body. It is very real and from that perspective most illnesses are psychosomatic. It's the psyche affecting the soma, the emotions affecting the body. 

We have 50 trillion cells in our body that are influenced by our environment. Not only that, but they also respond to our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, our habits etc. How are you communicating with your body?

During this session, we will listen to our body's language and get to speak directly to our cells to activate healing - not only at a physical but at an emotional level too.

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Hosted by Yvie Sanchez

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”. Hi, my name is Yvie and I am a firm believer that when we begin to live from the notion that life happens from the inside out, the possibilities and opportunities for change are endless. Come along to one of my sessions to get started on your healing journey!