MASTERCLASS - EMDR and Phobia Techniques

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30th November -0001
Hypnotherapists and trainees
Pipers Business Centre, 220 Vale Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1SP

EMDR - Master class in the application of EMDR and phobia techniques
with DR N. Parmar for Mind-field Training (inc. South West School of Clinical Hypnotherapy).

EMDR (Eye movement, desensitization, reprogramming / reprocessing) is an innovative method of psychotherapy which has been used by trained mental health professionals to help an estimated half a million people of all ages from many different countries.

The focus of EMDR treatment is the resolution of emotional distress arising from difficult childhood experiences or the recovery of critical incidents: car accidents; assault; natural disasters and combat trauma. Other issues treated with EMDR are phobias; panic attacks, substance abuse plus performance enhancement - improving functioning of people at work, sports and performing arts.

Entry requirements: GP, Nurses, Psychiatrists; Psychologists; Hypnotherapists - Diploma in Hypnotherapy required from an approved training establishment.

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