Long Covid: Hypnotherapy

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This is the second phase of the Long Covid and Hypnotherapy Research Study and Trial. 

The first research study and only one of its kind worldwide, conducted by Clinical Hypnotherapist and researcher Rebecca Jones M.A. DipPCH GHSC GHR., this study is trialling the use of Clinical Hypnotherapy in the treatment of Long Covid.

Rebecca has worked with sufferers of Long Covid in Phase 1 of this study which has shown remarkable and successful results for the participants involved.

And now as the research progresses and the knowledge and understanding of Long Covid widens, Rebecca Jones is now inviting volunteers to take part in Phase 2 of this research.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from Long Covid and is struggling with the after-effects of Covid-19, then please email Rebecca Jones.

If you would like to volunteer and take part in the study please email Rebecca.


Thank you. Take care.

Rebecca Jones

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Hosted by Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones M.A.DipPCH GHSC GHR is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a thriving practice in Harley St London & a clinic in Manchester. She is a trusted member of Paul McKenna's & Dr Bandler's staff trainer team. She works with clients in the UK, USA & worldwide & also provides a coach/mentoring programme. Her new book will be published this year.