Heal trauma with ancestral healing and lucid dream therapy

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24th April 2024, 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Open to all

Join us on Tuesday 9th April 2024 at 7pm (BST) for an empowering online workshop. Discover the power of ancestral healing combined with the power of lucid dreaming to heal trauma whilst reclaiming your lost energy.

Learn how to tap into your ancestral wisdom and heal generational traumas that may be holding you back. Explore the world of lucid dreaming to unlock your subconscious mind and unleash your full potential.

This event is perfect for anyone looking to heal past wounds, increase their energy levels, and connect with their inner self. Don't miss out on this transformative experience!

Learn effective lucid dreaming techniques:

  • Master proven methods to induce and maintain lucid dreams.
  • Explore reality checks, dream journaling, and lucidity triggers.
  • Uncover advanced techniques for embracing your golden shadow.
  • Harness the power of intention and visualisation in lucid dreaming.

Discover ancestral techniques based on the four elements:

  • Earth - Grounding techniques to start any process of change.
  • Air - Focus on breath work and the power to movement.
  • Water - Connecting to your inner resilience and constant flow of changes.
  • Fire - Cultivating the internal heat and connecting to your verticality.

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Hosted by N. Verdickt

N. Verdickt is a body & mind Therapist specialised in Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Lucid Dreaming, African Constellation and Kinesiology. Critical thinker, he also produced thought provoking content to make this world a better place.