Designing the dream - creating your thriving therapy practice

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Hypnotherapists and trainees

Designing the dream is an online business-building course for therapists. It's for those who are at the beginning of their life as a therapist. You've completed your therapy training and are transitioning from other work or back into work and are only seeing a few clients.

The objectives for the course are that by the end you will:

  • know your current business and life financial situation
  • have clarified your business aims and aspirations and what resources you have to help you
  • know who you want to work with and how, and have decided your fee level
  • know what you are going to continue, stop or start doing, to promote your business
  • have a rolling weekly/monthly action plan to help you take the actions to get you there

The design the dream course is assignment-led. Each assignment builds to help you create and implement your blueprint for your business. The course is designed to encourage you to think about your therapy practice and what you want to achieve. At the end of each module, there will be time to reflect on the work you’ve undertaken which will help you understand yourself and your business in a deeper way. By the end of the course, you will have a workable blueprint to take your business forward and a useful resource you can refer back to.  

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Hosted by Anne Morrison

I’m Anne Morrison and I’ve been a therapist and coach since 2002. I’m now sharing my experience and knowledge gleaned over that time (including what not to do!) with other women therapists to help build their confidence in themselves and their businesses. I continue to work with private therapy clients and provide 1:1 coaching for therapists.