National Hypnotherapy Society introductory offer T&Cs

  1. This discount is available to National Hypnotherapy Society members only, and evidence of membership may be sought before any discount is applied to your Hypnotherapy Directory subscription fees.
  2. This discount is subject to availability, and we reserve the right to vary or discontinue this discount at any time.
  3. All Hypnotherapy Directory members receiving this discount are subject to our standard terms and conditions of site use.
  4. Only one discount can be used at any time.
  5. This discount will be valid from your next invoice date until September 2016.
  6. You must keep us informed of any changes, lapses or compromises of your membership with the National Hypnotherapy Society, as this may affect your eligibility to receive this discount.
  7. This discount applies to our standard monthly/yearly profile subscription fees only and cannot be applied to Top Listings or any other services.
  8. This discount is not transferable and cannot be applied retrospectively.
  9. No alternative discount, offer or reimbursement is available.

In the event that this discount is withdrawn, your Hypnotherapy Directory subscription will continue at the prevailing rate (£15 per month inc. VAT or £160.00 per year inc. VAT) unless we receive written notice of intent to cancel within 30 days of notification of withdrawal.

National Hypnotherapy Society introductory offer T&Cs
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