Hypnotherapy for fertility – your questions answered


Having difficulties with fertility can be a lonely and frustrating time. According to the NHS, one in seven couples finds it hard to conceive. For some, the cause is medical and doctors will talk you through the options available to you. For others, the cause is less clear and may be referred to as ‘unexplained infertility’. In these cases, a more holistic approach may be required.

And this is where hypnotherapy can step in. Looking at any underlying emotional and psychological reasons that may be affecting conception, hypnotherapy can help reduce stress and encourage health-promoting behaviours. 

Trying to conceive can be a stressful experience and this stress can be detrimental to fertility. Here we ask hypnotherapist Franca Hood some questions about hypnotherapy for fertility to help you decipher if it could be the right choice for you.

Hypnotherapy for fertility

Can you explain how hypnotherapy can support those struggling with fertility?

Hypnotherapy for fertility is a mind-body approach to fertility. It can create positive change, which helps bring you into a state of physical, emotional and psychological balance.

 For the millions of people affected by fertility issues in the UK, their fertility journey can be an extremely stressful time. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful way to relax and recalibrate.

Many individuals and couples are diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” which means that there is no medical reason that they have been unable to conceive so far. In these situations, there could be emotional or psychological reasons which may prevent or delay conception.

The knock-on effect can lead to increased stress levels, increased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and a reduction in oxytocin (the love hormone). It is well documented that cortisol suppresses oxytocin.

And so the cycle of unhappiness continues each month when the woman’s period arrives, leading to feelings of disappointment, anger, frustration, which can, in turn, lead to issues within relationships.

Hypnotherapy creates a supportive environment where emotional issues can be worked through, in a safe and calming environment, enabling individuals and couples to be as fertile as they can be, and this is reinforced by the use of positive visualisations and affirmations.

What should you expect from hypnotherapy sessions for fertility?

In the first session, I ask my clients lots and lots of questions. This is so I can get a picture of them as an individual, and so I can understand their story so far. We then do some relaxation and some therapeutic work, which comes in a variety of ways, because everyone is different.

It also depends on whether their fertility journey is natural or assisted, for example via IUI or IVF, in which case I follow a loose structure depending upon their treatment, but my sessions are always client-led, dependent upon their needs. Our subconscious mind is very clever and knows more about us than we realise, so I often ask my clients to simply do nothing, and we take it from there!

What advice would you give to those experiencing fertility issues?

The advice that I would give to anyone experiencing fertility issues is please be kind to yourself. Take your foot off the pedal for a moment and look at your lifestyle, your nutrition and your levels of exercise, and ask yourself if you are treating yourself as well as you possibly can.

I’d also encourage them to reach out for help, because it is there, in the shape of complementary therapies, which can help people to navigate their way through some of the issues that fertility problems can bring, and can enhance their fertility and reinstate that hope that they can fulfil their dream to become parents.

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Written by Kat Nicholls
Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Hypnotherapy Directory and Happiful magazine.
Written by Kat Nicholls
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