Working through your cold symptoms

In some working environments, you are required to stay away from work if you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. But, in most jobs, the decision as to whether we are well enough to go to work is left in our own hands.

Sometimes, due to our busy lives and the pressures of business, we carry on as normal and work through – even when you’re feeling really sorry for yourself.

If you’re at home, caring for your cold can be easy – you can stay in bed with a hot water bottle, or tuck yourself up on the sofa in front of the TV. But, at work, it gets a little tricky when you are sneezing over your keyboard every 30 seconds, or coughing through every conversation with your co-workers.

So, what are the best ways to deal with that cold, and keep your spirits up for the working day?

Keep hydrated

Be sure to keep drinking throughout the day. Whether that means sticking to your normal quantities if you already drink enough, or forcing yourself to drink more if you know that you don’t usually drink as much as you should.

Vary between hot and cold drinks – whether that’s tea, coffee and hot chocolate, or water and juice. By staying hydrated you’re replacing any lost fluids, and helping your immune system to fight the sickness.

Take paracetamol

Taking paracetamol can ease your symptoms and help to stop your cold in its tracks. Be sure to keep an eye on any other drinks or soothers that you may be taking – read the packets to check the ingredients. Some products such as Lemsip and throat soothing lozenges can often contain paracetamol.

Wash your hands regularly

This will prevent you from picking up any other nasty bacteria and will help to stop you spreading your cold to your colleagues.

Eat as healthily as you can

Often, when we feel sick eating healthily is not very high on our agenda. But, a poor diet can exacerbate your symptoms and make you feel sluggish. Maintaining a balanced diet will help you to recover quickly and, by topping up your consumption of fruits and veggies, you’ll increase your levels of vitamin C.

But, if a salad really isn’t appealing and you’d rather something warm and comforting, try taking something you can reheat at work. A healthy pasta bake or autumnal soup can be just the ticket to bring your appetite back, and keep you feeling warm for the rest of the day!

What are the best ways you’ve tried of easing your cold symptoms at work? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Becky Banham
Becky is Brand and Social Strategist for Happiful and a writer for Hypnotherapy Directory.
Written by Becky Banham
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