Morning habits to boost productivity

The way your day begins often determines the tone for the rest of the day. Think about it – when you sleep through your alarm, have to rush to get to work and don’t have time for breakfast, how do you feel?

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Chances are your stress levels will be raised, making every challenge throughout the day feel all the more difficult.

Establishing some positive morning habits (and stopping the negative ones) can help you start your day on the right foot for a more productive day. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Wake up early

There are many reported benefits of waking early, from reduced feelings of depression to weight management. The best thing about waking up a little earlier however is giving yourself the gift of time in the morning. This way you can start your morning feeling relaxed and in control. Just remember to head to bed a little earlier too so you aren’t compromising your sleep.

Drink water

Hydrating your body the moment you wake up helps kick-start your metabolism and improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Put a large glass of water on your bedside table before you go to bed at night and when your alarm goes off in the morning, drink the water before getting up.

Make your bed

Making your bed in the morning means you have accomplished a task already. This sense of achievement has a snowball effect, encouraging you to complete more tasks throughout the day. Having a neat room to come back to at the end of the day is an added bonus.

Eat breakfast

We all know how important it is to eat breakfast, so if this habit isn’t part of your daily routine, now is the time to instigate it. Make time to sit down at your table and eat something nutritious, and try to resist the urge of eating on the go.

Complete your hardest task first

When you get to work, tackle your most troublesome job first. We tend to be more productive in the morning and getting a dreaded task out of the way early will give you motivation and energy for the rest of the day.

Set a productivity timer

If you find it hard to focus on one thing at a time, try setting yourself a timer for 25 minutes. During those 25 minutes work on one task and one task only, with no distractions. After the 25 minutes pass, take a short break. Make a tea, chat to a colleague or check on your inbox. Then, set your timer for another 25 minutes.

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Written by Kat Nicholls
Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Hypnotherapy Directory and Happiful magazine.
Written by Kat Nicholls
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