Simple steps to boost your memory

There may be certain times in life when your ability to memorise will be tested to the limit.

Simple steps to boost your memory

Studying for exams and developing your skills as a working professional require a great deal of brain power to help you perform at your best, but sometimes you may feel your memory is failing you.

A strong memory depends greatly on the health and vitality of your brain, so in order to improve your mental performance, consider doing the following:

Set yourself challenges

Like all muscles in the body, your brain needs exercise to stay healthy. By setting yourself challenges such as memorising words to a poem or a song, doing crosswords or Sudoku, you can give your brain a gentle push everyday to work harder.

Eat brain-boosting foods  

Oily fish contains Omega 3, which has long been associated with improved memory and brain performance, but foods such as blueberries, red onions and aubergines can also be of benefit. Foods rich in folic acid (bananas, peas and broccoli) can further help to keep your brain healthy.

Get more sleep

Your brain needs to rest in order to function well, and in many cases poor memory is linked to lack of good quality sleep. Aim for eight hours of sleep a night to ensure your brain has enough time to recharge.


Your memory will suffer if you are feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, so try and spend as much time as possible relaxing during the week to keep your brain in good health. Meditation and mindfulness are great ways to zone out of your busy lifestyle and promote inner calm.

Get moving

Research has shown that keeping active boosts brainpower as exercise increases blood flow and delivers more oxygen to the vital organs. If you’re experiencing an afternoon slump and struggling to do simple tasks, going for a brisk walk or a run will help.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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