Tracy Swift - Anxiety,Stress,Trauma, Phobias,Weight-loss, IBS & more

Tracy Swift - Anxiety,Stress,Trauma, Phobias,Weight-loss, IBS & more

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Imagine Spa
The Shrewsbury Club
Sundorne Road

Slim For Life
2a New Street
TF10 7AX

07764 997298

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Imagine Spa
The Shrewsbury Club
Sundorne Road

Slim For Life
2a New Street
TF10 7AX

07764 997298

About me


I'm an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psy-TaP Practitioner specialising in Weight Loss.

Please contact me on 07764997298 should you require any help with recent events in Manchester and London. I can Skype or talk over the phone and continue with therapy work for anyone suffering with trauma or bereavement. I have helped teenagers and parents with trauma and am confident with explaining the signs and stages after shock. It can take time to understand how this can affect you. If you're struggling leaving the house or finding that you cannot cope as you once did with your everyday, please do get in touch. As soon as you can reach out to me, the sooner we can work on helping you feel much better and this will only be a memory with no emotional response. I am a part of a therapy group ready to deal with any emergency.

I specialise with weight loss, whereby I treat the whole person and that includes ridding perturbations that block changes people would like to make.

The mindset is so powerful that even skeptics have used these tools and realised they've discovered something so powerful and amazing, they did not anticipate the immediate effects on the human mind and body.

Over the last 9 years, I have loved converting these skeptics time and time again changing the way that they feel with stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, worries and weight loss. I find changing the mindset for weight loss to be the most challenging and have created my own programme that Im proud of.

Quite often, people have either already seen several professionals, or have attempted to try and resolve perturbations themselves. So when I am approached, I am confident that I can help an individual to help themselves effectively.   Apart from my Slimming programme, I try and use all my skills within fewer sessions as possible to save both time and money. Your 'Take Away' therapy toolset is for life and will always assist you for the future.

Slim For Life Programme. I can help you become thin, energised and healthy AND stay that way forever!   (see any further information, below)

Call or text me today, to find out how you can move forwards. I look forward to hearing from you. Free telephone consultation available.

Training, qualifications & experience

Tracy has completed the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  She is a licensed member of the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy)

DipCAH - Tracy studied for the Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy with the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences through the Delwyn School of Hypnotherapy in North Wales. The ethos of this training academy is to ensure that the training of those in the profession is of the highest standards and that the needs of the client are paramount.

HPD - the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma was awarded to Tracy by the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the government appointed national awarding body NCFE. This is the first externally verified hypnotherapy qualification and its learning outcomes are in line with the National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy.

The Council obliges all members to maintain comprehensive Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and maintains a Common Code of Ethics and Practice and a Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure.

TFT-Adv Tracy has completed advanced training in Thought Field Field Therapy with Progress Therapy Training International.

Psy-TaP Tracy has completed training in Psycho-sensory Techniques and Principles with Progress Therapy Training International.

Master Hypnotist Tracy has completed training in Mastering Hypnosis with Progress Therapy International.

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Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

Im available to give free taster sessions and talks to groups such as Fibromyalgia groups and The Women's Institute. Please make sure you contact me around a month in advance.


£100 per session

Weight loss programmes vary.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psycho-sensory initial session may take up to two hours.

Enquiring about Anxiety, Panic Attacks or Claustrophobia?   Message me to arrange a Skype session in the comfort of your home.

Further information

D.I.E.T. - Done It Enough Times?

Have you tried all the slimming clubs, every diet that has been recommended to you, even ones which promise so much from tv? Have you found that sometimes they have worked, but you have found that all the weight just piles back on and sometimes more on each attempt?

What diets and slimming clubs provide is a restriction of intake of nutrients, but why are they not working? What we understand today, is that we tend to naturally eat to how we feel. Have you ever had a stressful week and rewarded yourself with junk foods such as cakes, chocolate, crisps, fast food and alcohol? Or perhaps you've been upset and have turned to eating foods which you are not even hungry for? Or maybe you feel bored in the evening and as you are sitting there watching tv, you're picturing whats in your cupboards and start to tuck into these foods when you're body doesn't even require them? Or perhaps you're reaching for a slice of bread every time that you walk into the kitchen and don't realise that you're doing this? We think that something nice to eat, or as a treat, a cake, chocolate, packet of crisps, a glass/bottle of wine will make us feel better, when in fact they are full of sugar and fat which ends up being carried around as excess weight. When this becomes out of control, a reminder about why we eat - to fuel and to heal our body becomes the core focus on losing unwanted weight.

Slim For Life Programme is a highly motivational slimming programme. Having trained with TVs, Fat Families, Steve Miller and top Nutrition Therapist, Janet Thomson, we now have a fresh and exciting injection into this weight release programme. There will be NO excuses, we will commence war on fat! You will be motivated and guided to let go of that excess weight with NO DIETS!! You will be reminded to remain excuse free and stay on track to transform your body into the gorgeous and thin body you deserve. Do you have the will to change? Can you imagine yourself wearing amazing clothes that you've always wanted to wear or get back into? Ready to transform your life? What are you weighting for?

For more information on Slim For Life Programme, please contact Tracy Swift 07764997298 or check out the website


Depression and suicidal thoughts - T Kirby, Redditch.

"Having planned which train to put myself under, which station, train time, it felt like the end was right there in front of me"

I didn't actually believe in hypnosis. I've a strong personality and didn't ever think it would work with me, but I was just happy to talk with someone initially. I had a break down and woke up crying daily and crying every time that someone called me. Everyone knew me as the happy go lucky guy, who loved to be surrounded by people but I found myself to be in this dark place. I had already planned how to take my life and thought that I would just go along with the Hypnotherapy and see if it does anything - if at all.

Tracy explained everything so well, it made me feel at ease immediately. She has such a calming soothing voice, which in itself helped me. My experience with Hypnotherapy was just incredible. I really couldn't feel my hands and it was like the rest of my body had completely disappeared, in a good way, but I could hear everything that Tracy said. After a few sessions, I went into a hypnotic trance so quickly that it felt so amazing afterwards, and those initial thoughts were now in the past and my state of mind had completely changed. I now feel focussed, happy, looking forward to my life and even though Ive a heart operation coming up soon, Im ready to go back to work.

After about 6 hours she has turned my life around , going from no light at the end of the tunnel to a light that is now so so bright , I seriously don't think I could of got through these difficult times in my life without Tracy, an amazing councillor and woman. Thank you Tracy so much.

Weight loss - L Norton, Shropshire

I had my weight loss program with Tracy and have never looked back. I felt great and empowered even after my first session. I feel totally different. I'm happier in myself, confident. And even though I've still got a long way to go I don't think I could had done it in such a healthier way without Tracy's help. I had recommend Tracy to all my friends. And would go back to her without a shadow of a doubt if I needed another treatment.

Fear of Flying - R Corbett, Stafford

A lovely lady with a beautiful, calming manner, was a wonderful experience which I would recommend to anyone. I was that relaxed, I floated home. In all my life, I have never felt so relaxed. For weeks after I was wishing I was back on that chair.

Weight Loss - R S, Shrewsbury

Tracy has helped me to lose weight and gain confidence. Im still losing and gaining as she tells me. Her weight loss program is certainly worth doing and I would recommend to anyone. She is so encouraging and hasnt given up on me and her soft voice is so wonderfully relaxing that I dont want to come out of the session. My family cant believe how much weight ive lost which is just over 5 stone. Thank you Tracy for all you have done. Im a new woman.

A Very Happy Client - CDC, Wolverhampton

Tracy, gentle and softly spoken radiates professional confidence and I needed only one session to cure my claustrophobia which was beginning to affect my driving. Since this session, I have felt immediately great, and have even been able to travel on small lifts etc.etc. I would recommend Tracy to everyone-and have done so. Thank you Tracy.

My Session - J Cranwell, Stafford

I have visited Tracy twice now and I feel my sessions have worked well. I have grown in self confidence and become much more assertive. Before the sessions if someone had told me that I would apply for a new job, promotion and actually get the job I would have laughed. All that is true. I will use Tracy again and have recommended friends.

Shrewsbury, SY1 4RG
Newport, TF10 7AX

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Flexible with home visits available within around a 20 mile radius.

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