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London Rd
RG14 2BA

01635 46084 / 07793497963

About me

Content Free Hypnotherapy

This is very good for people with Anxiety or Depression who have perhaps had CBT or counselling and found it ineffective. Maybe you don't like talking about things, especially the bad things that have happened to you. You don't want to relive them over and over again. With content free hypnotherapy you don't really even need to tell me why you have come for an appointment. If your problem is inside you, out of control and you don't know how to stop it, then it is an unconscious problem and so you are not consciously aware of the source of the problem. Talking about it is unlikely to help. Content free hypnotherapy gets the unconscious mind to seek out and rectify the problem by going back to the original blueprint of your mind. Just the same as an engineer does when he has a problem with a piece of machinery.

I became a hypnotherapist after discovering for myself the amazing benefits of hypnotherapy. I am so confident of its benefits I almost guarantee my work. If in the first session I cannot demonstrate hypnosis on you then there is no charge. If you are worried you cannot afford therapy see my comments about Free Sessions below in the fees section

What does hypnotherapy do for you?

Hypnotherapy can change unconscious patters in the mind. An unconscious pattern is where something triggers off a reaction that leads to something uncomfortable for you mentally or physically. For example Hard day at work or with family and you seek comfort in food even though you know it is making you fatter. Some people light a cigarette or even turn to drink. An unconscious problem is one that is inside you, it is out of control and you don't know how to stop it. Hypnosis can break those patterns and change them for a better result very quickly. Much (but not all) of my work is done in just one session because that is often all it takes to change someone with genuine hypnosis. Problems are just patterns of thought that started quickly and so there is really no reason why they can't end quickly. Call me now for a free chat 07793497963..

If you want to read on

If you are reading this profile I am guessing you have a problem that you think hypnotherapy may help you with. Hypnosis helps unconscious problems. If you know what you should be doing but always find yourself doing something else then you have an unconscious problem. Phobias and many fears also fall into this category along with Addictions, Anxiety and Depression. Hypnotherapy is like an antivirus on your computer changing negative behaviours into something positive.

Why Me?

I have experienced the power of hypnosis first hand for4 different problems in my life. 1) Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 2) I stopped Smoking with hypnosis 30 yrs ago 3) Chronic back pain and 4) Fear of flying.
My training is also probably pretty unique. I originally trained as a conventional hypnotherapist in the late 90s but often found the therapy slow though effective. I was always jealous of the stage hypnotists who could put a person into hypnosis in seconds so I did stage hypnosis training. I have also done street hypnosis. This has given me the best of both worlds and I have since found that I have so much more time to do therapy, that the number of sessions and cost to you is greatly reduced
I have also trained in the Swan Protocol with the master himself, Bob Burns. This is a method of direct communication with the subconscious and can give amazing results very quickly.

You cannot change your life without changing your mind!

If something is not working for you, you have to change your way of thinking. Most of our actions are sub-conscious. For example a person may think they want to give up smoking but they find themselves still buying cigarettes. Hypnosis works on the sub-conscious mind to effect quick and safe change so you can make the changes you need in your life.

Hypnosis  The art of using the human capability to imagine, create and alter our experience guided by the suggestion of the Hypnotist, Basically you are in a state where your sub conscious is dominant. You do not have to be relaxed with your eyes shut. You can be hypnotised almost anywhere.

Hypnosis may also be used to enhance, focus and exacerbate not only our interpretation of our sensory input and our creative response, but also to accelerate and increase our innovation and innate mental skills, traits and talents.

Hypnotherapy Is using the potential that the hypnotist sees to solve the problem the therapist finds. However much of what is labelled as hypnotherapy I personally find is little more than being put in a relaxed state and then applying some psychotherapy. Much "hypnotherapy Training" actually focuses very little on hypnosis. Over the years I have learnt to utilise and test for hypnotic response so that I know my clients are experiencing hypnosis and not just relaxotherapy.

Below is an outline of the main areas of my business, though as explained above there are many other things hypnosis can be beneficial for. I have experienced how quickly hypnosis can change perception and help with a problem and so I am confident I can help you.


I do a single stop smoking session with free back ups if they are ever needed. The Idea is you come in a smoker and go out about an hour later a non smoker. Occasionally you may start smoking again perhaps as a result of some form of trauma and then I am happy to give you another free session.

Weight Loss

I do individual sessions and also run group sessions. If you want to lose weight then history has shown us that diets alone do not work. This is because not only do you need good nutritional advice but you need also to get your "brain" on your side. It is your brain that tells you you are hungry and decides whether you walk past the McDonalds shop or go inside. I give you a full nutritional analysis plus the hypnosis to change your relationship with food.

Anxiety Depression and Stress

Most complaints that we deal with have a root in stress in some way or another. Modern day living is full of stress. The good news is that hypnosis can be really beneficial here. If you have failed consciously to rationalise a problem then you can be pretty sure it is an unconscious problem. Hypnosis deals with the unconscious mind and is like the antivirus on your computer. Stress is an area in which deep relaxation techniques are useful. I teach you these on the first session so you can use them at home.

My Story

I first discovered hypnosis when I had a nasty bout of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.I was advised by my GP to get some hypnosis tapes and learn to de-stress. The IBS stopped and has not reoccurred. Since that time I have completed extensive training and worked as a Hypnotherapist in London for a number of years before moving to Newbury.

Although most of us will have problems at some time or other I find that few people know how beneficial hypnosis can be. Inside our minds we have tremendous resources to help us do the things we want and be the person we want to be.
We all have daydreams, these are often very powerful but ineffective because they lack structure.Hypnosis is like a structured daydream that guides you in finding solutions for your problems. Over the years I have realised that everyone is different and while some will respond to one form of Hypnotherapy others will respond to another form. This has led me to train with many very different styles of Hypnosis so that I can tailor a solution to fit an individual. I have found also that this approach means I can help people quickly and cost effectively because fewer sessions are needed

Some genuine comments I have received
I have had hypnotherapy twice before over the last 20 years which did not improve my life long phobia at all, in fact made me feel dizzy and very uncomfortable. So with a very skeptical attitude I have tried a hypnotherapy session with John Gotelee. His attitude is relaxed, uncomplicated and a feeling of ease and understanding. My eyes were open all the time and I seemed to be fully aware of the procedure - however, what was achieved was extremely beneficial and positive. Much to my amazement I responded really well in the session and came out feeling incredibly chilled and able to try to face my phobia on the way home. I was able to face my fear for a short while which I have never been able to do for years. Please give John a try - it seems to work - dont quite know how, but just go with it and as a complete disbeliever due to my 2 past experiences I truly was surprised at the result. It is a work in progress but I certainly feel positive that with the tools I have been given I can crack a life long fear,(C.G Belamadena)

I would just like to thank you for your wonderful help. I know it is early days but I have not had a cigarette even on a night out so thank you again for giving me my lungs back   (M.A. Slough)

I had a 30 year Diet Coke addiction and on a whim tried a session, and it worked. I honestly never thought I could go a day without Diet Coke and it has been 6 weeks. It is obvious John wants to help people and would strongly recommend him. (K.V West Berks)

Hi John

Im just wanting to thankyou for my past regression experience. one word..... WOW!!!!! What an experience that was. Would love to delve deeper in it all. maybe with your guidance and hypnosis I could accomplish this. many thanks once again for an amazing experience. (V.M Newbury)

Alex wrote:
Thank you so much!!!!


It's now nearly 7 months since you helped me stop smoking. I have now not smoked a cigarette since 10.30am on May 11th. Absolutely incredible!!!! The first couple of weeks were "interesting" (mainly because I was conscious that I was not smoking), but now I am an absolute non smoker. I have no issues spending time with smokers. The smell of smoke doesn't concern me. It's just incredible!!!! I travel a lot for work and long haul flights are now a pleasure; there's no stress, no worrying about where I can get my next fag, no desperate rush to be through customs!!!

Since May 11th, I've not smoked 4,367 cigarettes and the money I've saved pays for a personal trainer every week!

Best of all, I think I've encouraged about half a dozen of the other locals in our village pub to give up – they're all doing fantastically!!!!!

Again, thank you. I'm now fitter, healthier and a much more positive person!!!


Training, qualifications & experience

Diploma in Hypnotherapy.
Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy.
Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy
Member of general Hypnotherapy Register.
Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.
Training in the Swan Protocol.
I have only listed above what I feel is relevant to my practice.
I have been trained by some wonderful therapists plus some stage and street hypnotist's. Whilst I do not practice stage hypnosis I have found that some elements give me a real advantage. Stage hypnotist's induce hypnosis far quicker than most therapists which leaves more time to deal with your problems in fewer sessions, thereby saving you money.

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with


If you think you may have had a past life then why not do a past life regression with me and see what happens. You may also believe you problems today come from a past life and want to try and resolve those issues. Whatever the reason the cost is only £40.00 or £30.00 if you agree to let me use a video for promotional purposes.


Marriage can be a very stressful time for both parties. The bride has to look her best, she may need to shed a pound or two to fit the dress perfectly. Speeches have to be made. Sometimes both sides relatives don't get on. there are lots of ways stress can tarnish what is meant to be the best day of your life. I offer a complete wedding de-stress package for bride and groom combined for £ 250.00. This will not stop things going wrong but will help you take anything in your stride.

Photos & videos

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£60.00 per session (sessions are usually approximately one hour but may be longer.)
One session Smoking Cessation Standard £150 Silver £300. and Gold £500. Ask for details
Group Weight Loss and stress sessions £5.00. These are run in Newbury Please contact me if you would like to come along.
Clucking like a chicken or other silly uses of hypnosis costs more than usual therapy. Please contact me for a quote.if this is really what you want.

Free sessions: i want people to be able to enjot the benefits of hypnotherapy and appreciate not everyone can afford the fees.

If you genuinely cannot afford my fees then please ring me and tell me what you can afford and I will go out of my way to help you even to the extent of free sessions.

Further information

If you would like information or would like to discuss your needs, please feel free to get in touch.

You can call me, John Gotelee on 07793497963 or email

or you can contact me through my websites or

Newbury, RG14 2BA

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


I can make appointments from 9am to 8pm 7 days a week to suit clients needs. I am also happy to see clients in their own home.

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