What is hypnomassage?

Think about how therapeutic and supportive a hand on a shoulder feels at times of stress, anxiety, grief etc. An arm around the shoulders or a hug can feel even more comforting, offering even deeper support and strength to the sufferer.

A hypnotherapist may place a hand on a shoulder while performing anchoring techniques but the contact is held for a matter of seconds.

There is a general taboo against touching, which has kept therapists from utilising touch to its fullest capacity.

Have you ever experienced a relaxing massage?

You may have found your self drifting off into a trance like state, or you may have even fallen asleep. That state is actually what we call a hypnotic state, an altered state of consciousness where the subconscious mind is more accessible.

The effect of hypnotic suggestions given while administering a relaxing massage can create a profound hypnotic experience. When the two modalities combine, they can augment each other perfectly resulting in a three dimensional treatment.

The massage can bring the suggestions to life by stimulating the auditory and sensory systems, which will enhance imagery.


  • While gently massaging a clients leg, a suggestion of preparing the legs to step into a new life as a new person, with the legs unburdened from past anxieties.
  • The suggestion of letting go of trauma from the past while gently massaging an arm repeatedly, right through to the fingers.
  • Massaging the thoracic area of a smoker’s back, while suggesting that catarrh and toxins are being removed with each massage stroke.

These are examples of suggestions given during Hypnomassage. The possibilities are truly endless; the combination of massage and hypnotherapy can inspire visualisation and maintain a deeper hypnotic state during the treatment.

There is no doubt that human contact can play a huge role in healing and change, and physical touch is the foundational element of human development. Hypnomassage is a revolutionary new treatment, and interest is increasing as more people begin to recognise the huge benefits.

There are a handful of therapists in the UK; it is imperative the therapist is fully qualified and experienced in hypnotherapy and massage, and is fully insured for hypnomassage as a stand alone treatment.

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