Painless childbirth - hypnotherapy and NLP

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My clients are mums(and dads)-to-be who know they want to get their birthing plan completed but don't know how to achieve what they want or are afraid of the process that they have become stuck.

I teach them a wealth of hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques including relaxation, visualisation and thinking skills to ensure a painless childbirth and achieve their baby's perfect welcome to our world, pending any unforeseen circumstances.

I learnt painless childbirth with Tina Taylor, internationally acclaimed author and trainer, via the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy where I too now am a trainer. 

As a master practitioner of NLP, I can teach you how to change any unwanted beliefs or fears that you may have about your baby's delivery; and empower you to lead your own stressless pregnancy and comfortable birth.

Experience shows that you can learn these skills in just a few hours; two three hour sessions. I lead interactive group courses in Bournemouth and London. Places are limited to ensure that me and my co-trainer spend quality time with each couple. Courses are highly interactive and lots of fun! Typically, my birthing couples love the fact that they can hypnotise each other to enjoy a relaxing trance within the first session. Bespoke private courses are also available if you're seeking a more personalised approach.

Whichever approach you choose you will learn to induce comfort and reduce the need for pain relief drugs that are known to slow down the birthing process.

Courses run on a regular basis in Bournemouth and London.

All courses include light refreshments and currently include a complimentary copy of Tina Taylor's book "Painless Childbirth" that includes hypnosis downloads to support your learning and relaxation. 

Learning our skills around 30 weeks enables you to practise regularly before the birth.

Mum's that have already trained with me report things like "pressure" rather than pain, and more often than not talk about their "bonus prize"...a relaxed baby!

Hypnosis and NLP enable a "trance for a comfortable birth" because:

1. Mums to be learn to relax and manage their own comfort.

2. Dads learn how to deepen Mum's relaxed state, as necessary and how to manage the medical team to use the language patterns and techniques agreed in the birthing plan.

3. Mum's relaxation throughout stage one of the birthing process, supports her energy levels for stage two.

Furthermore, Mum's ability to relax easily after the birth supports her to breastfeed; not to mention the fact that 20 mins in hypnosis is equivalent to three to four hours sleep! And lastly, your soothing voice will support baby to settle and become a useful skill when sharing bedtime stories in the toddler years and beyond!

Contact me via my website to discuss your ideal birth and learn more about how I can help, before reserving your place on my next course. 

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Hosted by J Tanya Bunting

I am a master practitioner and trainer of NLP having trained, as well as a clinical hypnotherapist trained to post-graduate level. I am an early year's practitioner at heart having taught for 27 years and been involved in school leadership for 17 years. As such, I love working with families to ensure that young people get the best start in life.

Hosted by J Tanya Bunting