Meditation class teacher

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Hypnotherapists and trainees

Suitable for anyone who already has an interest in meditation and some experience of meditation techniques*, and now wishes to offer classes to individuals or groups. 

We cover: 

  • the history and traditions of meditation
  • how meditation helps stress
  • planning, organising and presenting meditation classes and courses
  • ethics, health and safety, insurance
  • topics and themes for classes and courses
  • class dynamics and motivation: handling those tricky students

We provide you with a class teacher's handbook of techniques and class ideas as well as comprehensive notes and a workbook.

There is no time limit on completing the course. 

Find out more, see our feedback and sign up at:

*Please note - this course focuses on the practicalities of designing, organising and presenting classes. It assumes you are already familiar with meditation. If not, or if you would like to learn more, please consider signing up for our Mindfulness in Therapy course.

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Hosted by Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training

Debbie Waller is a respected and experienced trainer, conference speaker and therapist: author of 'The Hypnotherapy Handbook' and ''Their Worlds, Your Words', co-author of 'The Hypnotherapy Handbook' and founder/head tutor at Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training.


Hosted by Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training

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