Engaging hypnotherapy with children and teens

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Following on from the success of the pilot course and full attendance to our follow up, we are now securing dates and applicants for our one and two day Hypnotherapy Skills course.

This short course is for existing Hypnotherapists who want to extend their business reach to include younger clients, to develop specific skills and understanding when dealing with children and teenagers or for more general Continual Professional Development.

We believe that currently, children and teenagers are not supported enough with regard to their mental well being and general emotional health. Increasing pressure from schools to achieve targets (leading to more pressure on children) along with the well documented challenges of adolescence and growing up are creating more demand for support for kids.  

Hypnotherapy and other specific techniques can have incredible results when delivered in a timely, considerate manner. This course looks at specific techniques to use, the Hypnotherapist / child relationship and how to attract new clients to your practice.

Please contact us directly for more information. 

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Hosted by Sue Starr

Sue Starr built her successful Clinical Hypnotherapy practice in Staffordshire and through working closely with private schools and GP's, has supported many young people with their challenges. She found other Hypnotherapists also wanted to support more young people but lacked the skills or confidence, which is why she developed this new programme.

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