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The use of hypnotherapy for migraine headaches

This is a huge area and I am unlikely to be able to cover it all in the context of this article, and I won't be looking at each specific types of migraine but on migraines as a whole. This article will look at the the use of hypnotherapy and self hypnosis to help someone regulate pain levels when experiencing migraines.

When I have seen the beneficial effect of hypnotherapy in relation to migraines it has also been as a secondary side effect when someone wants to work on other concerns such as weight loss. The use of hypnotherapy, when used as a complementary approach for managing migraine headaches, has many benefits in particular managing levels of pain.

Hypnotherapy has a very wide evidence base around the area of managing pain and being used in pain control. In relation to its application with migraine headaches the great thing about it is the amount of time that's needed for hypnotherapy to have an effect.

Usually three to four sessions is enough for the person to develop a really good amount of control over the level of pain that they experience, in combination with self hypnosis and developing a good program that uses self hypnosis on a regular basis a person can usually experience a decrease in their symptoms. This is only in conjunction with being supervised by a medical professional and also in combination with a person's medication, if you are experiencing headaches for a prolonged period with sickness, blurred vision etc. then you need to consult your doctor prior to even considering hypnotherapy as a complementary option.

The main thing to remember about the use of hypnotherapy is that it works with a person's physiology as well as psychology so whilst a person is managing their pain a hypnotherapist would be able to look at developing psychological strength to make it easier to manage. The effects of having prolonged migraines can also affect a person's mood and this can also be addressed and worked with in sessions.

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Written by Douglas Kidd RMN,CertCBT, DipClinHyp, DipHyp, DipCouns, DipSN, DipHE

My name is Douglas Kidd I have a background as a Mental Health Nurse and also work privately as a hypnotherapist in private practice. I am currently working towards my Masters degree with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. I love working with trauma, anxiety issues and lots of other issues.… Read more

Written by Douglas Kidd RMN,CertCBT, DipClinHyp, DipHyp, DipCouns, DipSN, DipHE

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