Dr. Mark Sterry-Blunt (M.Psy.D. Dip.Psy.S.S. Cert.Psy.D.T.M. .....)

Dr. Mark Sterry-Blunt    (M.Psy.D.   Dip.Psy.S.S.   Cert.Psy.D.T.M.   .....)

Nature's Dispensary
7 Mill St.
LE15 6EA

01572 770049 / 07801 729423

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About me

Mark is here for you. He has been in full-time continuous hypnotherapy practise in Oakham since 2003, giving real help to real people every week. He was awarded "Best Youth Hypnotherapist, England, 2018" in the Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards.

He started studying in this field early in the 1970s; he continually studies, rather than just practising with his first qualification and then going dusty. Through experience, he has developed techniques of his own which bring excellent results.

His general outlook is that he helps people deal with unwanted behaviour patterns. To do this he uses analytical therapy, some suggestion therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (which he has taken to a level beyond that normally used), P.T.S.D. therapy and various other processes which can be used as and when / if and when the need arises.

Rather than decide on a framework of therapy and herd someone through it, no matter what, Mark moves with each of his patients through their therapy and his work evolves as their needs become apparent. Therapy is a journey of discovery for him as well as them and only by keeping an open mind at every step, can he do the best for them.

The subconscious has no sense of time or logic. If it thought your reaction to an event was too much for your conscious mind when you were five, it will pay no recognition to the fact that you are now an adult. The techniques Mark uses bring such unresolved issues out into the daylight and the fresh air. Your conscious mind can re-evaluate them. Your subconscious is then free of a burden it didn't sign up for and it stops helping itself to over-time payment (i.e. it stops giving you a piece of abnormal behaviour).

Sometimes, influences in someone's life, today, can come from unresolved emotional energy generated in a past life. In these cases Mark takes people into Past Life Regression, where they find the cause of the disturbance. Here, with them, he helps them to a solution, bringing about relief in today's life.

Occasionally, unwanted behaviour patterns can come not from the person themselves but from a spiritual attachment. Mark deals with these and carries out demonic depossessions, as well as house clearances where a property is affected by such invasive energies. This work is best done face to face but Mark regularly does it remotely, all around the world.

Mark is a Reiki Master and practices Shamanic work, he also runs Meditation workshops; he can usually find answers and bring changes where others can't. He can also offer guidance not found in books.

Training, qualifications & experience

Mark’s qualifications and memberships:

• Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology, from the University of Sedona.

• Masters in Metaphysical Science, from the University of Metaphysics and also a Metaphysical Practitioner’s Diploma, from the International Metaphysical Ministry Seminary.

• Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy, from the British School of Yoga. Mark is a Graduate Member of this school as well as being an Associate of the Midland Institute of Hypnotherapists. Having Membership of the National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists automatically means Mark has had a fast-track registration with the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.

• Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Childbirth, from the Academy for Continued Hypnosis Education. Also from this Academy is Mark's Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and his certificate in The Psychology of Depression and Therapeutic Modalities.

• Relating to Spirit Release and Past Life Regression, Mark is a Member of the Spirit Release Foundation, and a Life Fellow of the World Guild of Metaphysical and Spiritual Counsellors. He is World Guild Certified in Spirit Attachment and has a Diploma in Spirit Attachment and Invasive Energy Release Work from this Guild. His Diploma in Past Life Regression is from the College of Integrated Therapies.

• Dealing with the causes of stress at work, Mark uses what he learned on the very extensive Qualification Workshop for the Strengths Deployment Inventory and Relationships Awareness Theory, by Personal Strengths Publishing and has a Certificate of successful Completion of this work.

• Mark has a Practitioner’s Certificate in EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – sometimes called Meridian Therapy. He is also a Reiki Master and has a Meditation Teacher Diploma.

• Mark is a member of the N.H.S. Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.

Areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        * If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

        Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

        Anorexia Behaviour Changes Bereavement Grief Breakdown Feelings Bulimia
        Bullying Childbirth Hypnotherapy            
        Childbirth Issues Dental Phobia Domestic Unhappiness
        Fatigue Fear of Failure Guilt Feelings Hair-pulling Headaches
        Identity Issues Job Interview Nerves Kicking a Habit Low Energy Memory Disturbance
        Mood Changes Motivational Problems Multiple Personalities Nail Biting Nightmares
        Over-indulging Paruresis Perfectionism Parent Issues Prolonged Ailments
        Psychosomatic Conflicts            
        Quietness Rape Trauma Recurring Dreams Self-harming
        Sexual Abuse Sexual Problems Shy Bladder Suicidal Thoughts Tearfulness
        Traumatic Memories Under Valuing Self Unexplained Actions            
        Unexplained Symptoms Unusual Thoughts
        Violent Tendencies Voices in Head Xenoglossy Young Persons Problems            
        Zoned Out Feelings


        Fees obviously vary, according to what work is undertaken but Mark's standard analytical work is £70 per session, which last about 50 minutes.

        Call or email to talk about your problems and find out what Mark can do for you: 01572 770049, 07801 729423, mark@befreenow.co.uk or check out his website: www.befreenow.co.uk

        Further information

        Mark emphatically does not offer Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. Pretending a problem away is not the answer. If you have abnormal eating habits or eating habits you can't change, then this is because your subconscious is giving you this problem because it has a problem. Believing you have a gastric band fitted will not change anything in your subconscious. This is not far removed from taking Prozac to make you think you feel better.

        The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy may wear off, leaving you precisely at the point you started from or your subconscious may recognise that you have blocked its actions. If this is so, your subconscious will give you another piece of abnormal behaviour in your life which will be just as much of a problem as your old eating habits.

        The only way to deal with a problem in your subconscious is through analysis. The cause of the problen is resolved; with the cause no longer existing, the effect will disappear. Possibly a session of CBT may be neccessary, perhaps not.

        The whole thing is then dealt with and the job is done.

        Oakham, LE15 6EA

        Type of session

        Home visits: No

        Practical details

        Sign language: No
        Other languages: None


        Accessibility information
        Wheelchair access: No