Diploma in Professional and Clinical Hypnotherapy

07876 578 055 07876 578 055
30th November -0001
Hypnotherapists and trainees
The Holiday Inn Gatwick, Povey Cross Road, West Sussex, RH6 0BA

NLP and Hypnotherapy

What is hypnosis? What is NLP? Listening skills Introduction to Rep Systems Stress reduction An introduction to Rapport Building Introduction to Problem Solving The four parts of an Hypnotic Script


  • Basic Presuppositions of NLP
  • Rapport Establishment & Maintenance
  • Verbal & Nonverbal Pacing & Leading
  • Verbal & Nonverbal Elicitation of Responses
  • Calibrating through Sensory Experience
  • Rep Systems (Predicates and Assessing Cues)
  • Milton and Meta Model
  • Elicitation of Well-Formed Goals
  • Direction and Present State
  • Overlapping and Translating Rep Systems
  • Eliciting, Installing and Utilizing Anchors in all sensory systems
  • Ability to Shift Consciousness
  • Submodalities (utilizing including Timelines, Belief Change, Swish Patterns)
  • Omni Directional Chunking
  • Accessing and Building Resources
  • Content and Context Reframing
  • Creating and Utilizing Metaphors
  • Strategy Detection, Elicitation, Utilization, Installation
  • Demonstration of Flexibility of Behaviour and Attitude

Ericksonian/Dave Elman/Clinical/Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Life Coaching


Habits and Addictions/Smoking/Weight Management

Age Regression, Script Design, Therapy Business Management

The Diploma is run over 6 months - 7 Weekend Modules and a 7 Day Fast Track Licensed Practitioner Course.

Ring June for details 0787 6578055

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Hosted by June O'Driscoll

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