About us

Why train with MindMasters Academy?

Fully accredited Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training in Manchester and North West. Our hypnotherapy training is fully certified by the GHSC and the CNHC.

At MindMasters Academy you can be assured that our trainers have all built up successful hypnotherapy practices in their own right. With over 35 years of collective experience we can give you the benefit of thousands of hours of experience of helping clients and developing a profitable business using a variety of hypnotherapeutic techniques.

When it comes to building a profitable therapy business we know what works... and what doesn’t, saving you years of trial and error when building your own practice. All this means you will hit the ground running!

On completion of this course, you will be able to help a client lose weight, stop smoking, get rid of anxiety, stress, phobias and much more. You will also be confident in regressing client to root-cause which is a powerful technique and is a subject many therapists avoid through lack of confidence in their abilities. Plus, you will also have a sound knowledge on how to attract your clients and run your business profitably – there is no point in being the best therapist around if nobody knows about you!

Unlike many other courses, we are not reliant up on scripted work, which means that you will be able to develop your own unique style
and work intuitively and creatively with clients without the constraints of reading from a script.

Furthermore, we believe that just as you can’t learn to ride a bike from reading a manual... you need to practice hypnosis to learn
hypnosis. With this in mind, our training courses are practical and fun. We will give you ongoing support in practice management and continual professional development to ensure that you achieve a successful, enjoyable career should that be what you desire.

Adel Houten the founder of MindMasters (pictured) is a trained and experienced trainer who as well as delivering courses in hypnotherapy and EFT, she works within the NHS and corporate sectors delivering trainings in stress management where hypnosis is her primary tool of choice. She was introduced to hypnotherapy in 2004 when she completed her training at City University with Valerie Austin and her world renowned hypnosis Harley Street techniques.