You’re back in the room! Why? Where have you been?

There is a new programme about stage hypnotism that has just been launched. You may have seen this or other stage hypnotists and worry about having hypnotherapy for your problem or issue. This is perfectly understandable.

Imagine being on stage and the entertainer is telling you what to do? Would you turn to the audience and say this isn’t working, or would you go along with what he is instructing you to do? 

The difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy is stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes. It’s a bit like the celebrity programmes we see. Pay them, put them in front of a camera and they will do almost anything to shock and impress.

Hypnotherapy is therapy under hypnosis. The reality is, the therapist cannot make you do or say anything that you do not want to. You are in control at all times. If someone walked in the room and shouted “FIRE!” you would be able to get up and walk out.

The truth is the hypnotherapist gives you positive, confident, happy suggestions that will embed into your subconscious. This will help you make changes and shift old worn out negative thoughts. This in turn will help you move forward in your life.

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All therapists are verified professionals