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Hypnotherapy encompasses a whole set of techniques that can help you stop unwanted behaviours and overcome self-limiting beliefs. Such techniques are often needed to help clients move on from places that are stuck.

All good therapists and coaches, who help their clients uncover or discover what is blocking, will use hypnotherapeutic techniques of some kind to overcome blockages or barriers. They can also use similar techniques to help clients imagine their future.

An article from 2012 (‘://’) encouraged you to seek out that positive vision of you in your future. It described how a natural process, known as a ‘Vision Quest’ could be used (amongst other things) to help you get in touch with your own inner guidance system and develop your plan, vision or desire for your future.

Therapists or coaches might also use stories or guided imagery (a simple narrative or description of somewhere calming and relaxing) that can help you make contact with you own self-wisdom (inner guidance) and help you articulate, expand and explain how you could or would like your future to unfold.

Sometimes the guided imagery can be accompanied by guided sound, maybe the rhythmic beating of a drum or metronome or even gentle cymbals! It is individual taste.

For some therapists and coaches who use hypnotherapeutic techniques, it can be as simple as talking to their client, asking clarifying and insightful questions or maybe drawing a picture or preparing what has become known as a ‘Vision Board’.

What is important is that you have imagined and established a coherent vision of how you would like you or your future to be. Have you got that clarity?

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Written by Keith Abrahams - Positive Ways

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Keith Abrahams is a professional accredited executive and therapeutic coach who works to successfully support individuals who are moving through changes and transitions.

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