Your inner gremlin!

Do you have one?

Does it seem that when you decide you are going on a diet, you have an inner gremlin that is determined to sabotage all your hard work and does it appear when you least expect it to?

Sometimes when you've had a really good day, your inner gremlin appears just before bedtime and eats everything it can possibly find. Maybe it feels like your inner gremlin just takes over your body like a crazy little monster, determined and unstoppable in its mission to eat, eat, eat, and nothing, I mean nothing, is going to get in its way and it doesn't stop until it's eaten every chocolate bar/packet of biscuits/piece of cheese/cake it can find.

And when it's done, it simply vanishes as quickly as it appeared! You are left bewildered about where this crazy little monster came from, and you feel so physically full you feel like you couldn't eat another thing!

You become very annoyed that your inner gremlin can cause such chaos in your life, especially when you have been doing so well.

Well, just being annoyed at your inner gremlin won't stop him or her surfacing whenever he or she feels like it! And the problem is you never know when that could be!

Maybe, as you walk past the cake shop - it will just take over your body and push its way through the door, with its eyes set on the biggest cake in the shop!

Or perhaps it appears when you're at the front of a queue in a shop, and it sees a large chocolate bar, and grabs it, and pays for it before you have time to think.

You may wonder why your inner gremlin exists and how you can stop it from causing havoc?

The inner gremlin is part of your own personality - the childish part of your personality that decides when it wants something, it’s having it, and that’s it!

Our personalities are made up of different parts...

A very moral part - the part that makes a decision to go on a diet, because we have been eating too much.

The childish part - the part that you are born with that relates eating to survival. This is where your inner gremlin comes from.

And a part that is like piggy in the middle of the other two parts, which just wants some form of balance in life.

If your moral part decides you're going on a diet, this can cause your other parts to feel cross…

Your childish part is determined that it won't be denied food.

And, your piggy in the middle part feels uneasy because it knows the other two parts have completely different ideas of what is going to happen in the foreseeable future.

When you have been on a diet for a week or so, your moral part gets a bit weary of trying to control the other two parts, making sure they don't eat anything that they shouldn't.

And as your moral part gets weary, your childish part gets more and more annoyed that it's been deprived of food and is aware that your moral part is not feeling so strong now; It waits for the right moment and then appears as your inner gremlin and then eats whatever it feels like, and doesn't care about the consequences!

How can you stop your inner gremlin causing such chaos?

You can do this by deciding on having a balanced eating plan rather than calling it a diet, because telling yourself to go on a diet can feel like deprivation of food and can cause other parts of your personality to feel uneasy! When any part of your personality feels uneasy it has an effect on the whole of you.

So, rather than a diet, a chosen eating plan - where you eat healthily but allow yourself the odd small treat now and again, will mean your inner gremlin is less likely to appear unexpectedly!

Keeping all parts of your personality happy is very beneficial because you feel happier as a whole person.

You may wonder why we have different parts to our personality?

Well, the different parts to us are what make a balanced life possible. Our moral part - making sure we do the right thing, our childish part - keeping us young and enjoying life and our piggy in the middle (mediator) part - making sure the other two parts don't have it all their own way!

How hypnotherapy can help you if you have decided to lose weight.

The hypnotherapist can help you to decide on a balanced weight loss plan and hypnotherapy can help to keep all three parts to your personality happy so there is no inner conflict, helping your goal of becoming slimmer easier, more achievable and keeping inner peace.

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Cullompton EX15 & Exeter EX1
Written by Sandra Glover, Weight-loss, Anxiety, Phobia and Panic-attack Specialist
Cullompton EX15 & Exeter EX1

Sandra is an experienced Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist with clinics in Exeter and Cullompton. She specialises in addictions, panic attacks and weight loss - including gastric band hypnotherapy - with personal weight loss of 6.5 stone herself. She is also the author of "The Relaxed Girl's Approach to Weight Loss".

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