Would it help you to try hypnotherapy?

Let's suppose for a moment that you've reached a point in life where you're feeling the need to review your situation. You're perhaps feeling restless, increasingly dissatisfied, unhappy or are aware that you're in danger of repeating old, unwanted patterns of behaviour yet again. These feelings may have started to impact on your quality of sleep, your general health may have begun to suffer, you're feeling stressed, irritable, miserable.

Gradually you become aware that it's time for you to take responsibility for your own happiness, it's up to you to take charge of the direction you want your life to take. These feelings may have been simmering for some time, you may have put up with things for a variety of reasons, but now you're coming to the realisation that it's time to do something about it, but you need a little help.

Hypnotherapy works to address the automatic responses we have to situations, the 'I want to change, but can't seem to' unconscious reactions that we may have at stressful times. It often utilises story telling to facilitate these important changes in your life. Let's look at how it would help you to try hypnotherapy and consider one example of story telling, how it can support beneficial healing in a positive way for you.

So, let's imagine for a moment that you live in a house that suits you well but in the garden is an overgrown pond. You've always wanted a pond but have been too busy over the years to tend and care for it properly. Consequently it's become neglected and forgotten. Imagine that you decide now is the time to sort this out and you ask for my help. We stand together and assess what needs to be done to return your pond to its former glory, back to one that you can fully enjoy and appreciate.

The first step is for us to pull the pond lining out so that we can empty the dirty water, old leaves, discarded drinks cans, cigarette packets and other debris that has accumulated over the years. Then we clean it and return it carefully back into place, filling it with clean water.

Next we start the process of looking at the 'stuff' that's been deposited by the side. We spend time with this 'stuff' because it's important. Some things may be of value and need to be returned to the pond, others may be useful but not there, some things may simply need to be thrown away.

We may discover some beautiful goldfish who have managed to survive. As we rinse off the mud and put them back into the pond they're able to breathe properly again and swim in the fresh clear water. How lovely to see the sunlight highlighting their shimmering colours of gold and silver as they swim freely at last.

When we next meet we decide what to do with the other contents. Leaves that have blown in over the years will make great compost for your rose bushes, nourishing them so that they can feed and grow strong.

You neither know nor care where the old drinks cans and cigarette packets have come from. There's no need to investigate how they came to be there in the first place. Suffice to say they don't belong there but can be of use when they go to be recycled. The dead outer leaves of the water lilies are trimmed and put into the compost whilst the lilies themselves are returned to float freely on the surface of the water. 

We may discover some beautiful coloured stones amongst the mud and not know where they belong but once they've been cleaned you can place them where you please so that you're able to fully enjoy their beauty.

And so it is when you decide that it would help to try hypnotherapy. Just like this metaphorical story some aspects of your life may have become stagnant and untended, perhaps over a period of several years. Some of your behaviour, your approach to life, may need to be addressed and dealt with. Some patterns and responses may no longer be beneficial to your life today. You may need a little help to decide what you want, to clarify your thoughts and determine the best way forward.

Just as it is with the old leaves, the discarded drinks cans and cigarette packets hypnotherapy can help your unconscious mind clear, sort and deal with the many years of experiences that have clouded and clogged your ability to live life well. You may not know where the issues originated but intuitively your unconscious mind has all the answers you need.

And often these issues can be dealt with without the need to examine them in intricate detail, by resolving them through the use of hypnotherapy so that you can breathe clearly, swim freely and enjoy your life and your own metaphorical pond.

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Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 4LD
Written by Susan Leigh, Lifestyle Therapy
Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 4LD

Established in 1988, Susan Leigh works with individuals, couples and in business. She helps individuals to overcome their old unwanted patterns of behaviour and become more confident and positive in their lives, works with couples to improve their communications and mutual understanding and provides...

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