Will I lose control?

It's a question as clinical hypnotists we get asked many times, and even when we're not being asked experience will tell us that it is a question the client very often will want to ask.

The interesting thing about this question is if you look at hypnotherapy websites around the world many will actually say: "Don't worry you will be perfectly aware of everything that is happening at all times and you certainly will not lose control in any way."

The problem with this is that experienced therapists will know that this is simply not the case. Human beings are kind of like belly buttons. We're all the same but just a little bit different? Sure for some people hypnosis is almost identical to being fully awake, whilst others will indeed tell you that it was like falling into a deep sleep (although in reality there is no actual sleep within hypnosis).

But here's the strange thing. Most of the people that come to see us are indeed already out of control. That's why they come to see us in the first place. And a good therapist both knows and understands this and is able find and go into the area where the problem is, take full control, tidy it up and then hand it back to the client where they really are for the first time totally in control.

The vast majority of people that come to see us actually don't even have a problem. By that I mean they don't have conscious problem. Rather their problem will be buried within the subconscious. Totally inside of them, yet strangely enough outside their control. Tell that to anyone suffering any form of anxiety and they will immediately nod their head in agreement.

So, for all potential clients out there, please don't be afraid of losing control in the therapy room. Obviously you don't want to fight the therapist but you don't have to try to help them either. Your job, is to sit or lie back, relax and quite simply allow the hypnotherapist to go to work in order to put you back where you want to be; totally in control. And much to your surprise you might just find it the most wonderful experience you've ever had!

So, relax and..... enjoy!

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