Why stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Want to stop smoking? Bring an end to that craving, get the smell off your clothes and out of your hair? The health benefits, (which often include better sex) may be felt sooner than you think. After just 72 hours your bronchial tubes relax, making breathing easier and energy levels increase. After one month there is an improvement in your skin. At three to nine months, lung function can start to improve by up to 10% and so any breathing or wheezing problems should show improvement. Longer term benefits include a reduction in the chances of heart attack to half of that of a non-smoker after the first year, and reducing to that of a non-smoker after 15 years. Not to mention a reduction in your chances of contracting lung cancer.

Then of course, there is the cost of continuing the habit. With the average UK smoker spending around £3,000.00 per year on smoking, you still have time to see the difference in your spending power that stopping smoking now, will make this Christmas. Think about it, that means you can give up in October and even taking into account the cost of hypnotherapy, you’ll still have around £500 extra in your pocket ready for Christmas.

The benefits of using hypnotherapy to achieve this change includes how fast it can make a difference. You won’t be “cutting down” so you’re not only saving money straight away but you will instantly, stop putting nicotine (a natural pesticide) into your body and also arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, DDT and formaldehyde, just to name a few of the of the thousands of chemicals and toxins in modern cigarettes. Over 40 of which are known carcinogens. The Stoptober campaign says, “Stay smoke free for 28 days and you’re more likely to stay smoke free for good!” So why drag the process of getting smoke free out by cutting down and reducing? Why not use hypnotherapy and stop quickly?

Many hypnotherapists will ask you to book up to two hours, after which you will be able to name yourself a non-smoker. If the craving does return on the odd occasion this doesn’t mean failure, and your hypnotherapist will probably have taught how to resolve this craving without resorting to smoking.

So, hypnotherapy is quick which means you save more money and feel the health benefits sooner.

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Written by Michael Geerthsen

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