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Why is hypnotherapy so effective at boosting confidence and raising self-esteem?

How would it feel:

  • To walk into an interview and not feel nervous?
  • To go on that first date and feel totally relaxed?
  • To be comfortable in social situations where you know no one?
  • To give a public talk or pitch to a client and feel at ease?
  • To meet your partner's parents for the first time and feel confident within, whatever the outcome?
  • To submit a book proposal and have the self-belief that you will get a book deal?
  • To feel OK when saying no to a loved one?
  • To feel self-assured when confronting a difficult colleague?

If you have a lack of confidence in certain areas and low self-esteem in other areas, or constantly think negatively, you need to re-frame your subconscious in order to make a lasting change.

Having confidence and high self-esteem ought to be effortless and organic, not forced. Hypnotherapy will get to the root of what is causing you to be nervous, anxious and fearful and not have self-belief. Hypnotherapists ask thought-provoking questions to dig deeper and find out what is causing you to lack confidence.

You don't have to earn your right to be confident - it is your right. 

You may have been told at school when you were eight that you were not good enough, you may have been bullied at secondary school because of your weight, you may have had a boyfriend that betrayed you so badly it crushed your confidence, you may have excelled at school, college or university and had others who were jealous of this be unkind to you.

You may not remember what the root cause was.

However, during hypnotherapy please note you will not have to re-live any trauma or upset; you can be assured of that.

Many hypnotherapists use a mix of tools to install positive habits, behaviours and thoughts and unleash the potential that resides within your subconscious. 

It is most effective when a programme of three to six sessions are undertaken so that you resolve the underlying subconscious cause of the lack of confidence and low self-esteem. 

During the session, you hear everything the hypnotherapist says and if you doze off, that's fine as everything is recorded in your subconscious, so you never miss out.

You can move or speak if you wish without affecting the session, or you can relax back into a state of bliss. You are in complete control throughout. 

You may experience tingling, you may feel giddy, you may feel heavy, warm, cold, excited, or you may not feel anything. However, if you are resistant, hypnotherapy won't be effective. You have to want to make changes and if you do, then you will be amazed at the powerful results. 

All habits are a function of our subconscious so hypnotherapists work at correcting unwanted habits and limiting beliefs in the same place that the habits were formed and reside. That's why willpower will not change habits as it is a function of the conscious mind. Hypnotherapy overrides the conscious mind, which is why it is so powerful. 

Suppressed anger, fear, self-doubt, anxiety, shame and guilt, low self-esteem, feelings of hopelessness and lack of worthiness all sit in the subconscious as this is where everything is recorded and stored since birth.

Think of your subconscious as a filing cabinet consisting of thousands of files, most of them not serving you anymore and you want to delete. Then think of a hypnotherapist having the password to open those files and the software to delete them.

Make it happen - because it's your time to shine.

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