Why don't you stutter or stammer when you sing?

People who struggle with stuttering usually find that they don’t stutter at all while singing. Very few stutterers do occasionally stutter while singing but this is usually only when they begin singing and even then, it’s greatly diminished.

Is stuttering a physical problem?
Being able to sing without stuttering is a clear indication that a person’s physical vocal cords aren’t the source of the stutter. There can be no physical problem with the vocal cords leading to the stutter in this case because if there was, this person would stutter while singing too.

If stuttering isn't a vocal cord problem, what is the problem?
It’s interesting to note that many people that stutter, confirm they stutter more while talking on a telephone or while giving a speech. It is as if activities that make stutterers more tense cause them to stutter more.

It’s also interesting to note that many stutterers note they stutter less having had an alcoholic drink. It is as if the activities that relax stutterers cause them stutter less. While it’s not recommended to self medicate stuttering with alcohol, there does seem to be a link between relaxation, tension and stuttering.

What causes tension and relaxation?
Muscles do not tense and relax on their own. Before you can tense a muscle you have to think it either consciously or subconsciously. Unconscious fear will also make muscles tense and conversely, the safer we feel, consciously and subconsciously, the more relaxed we are physically. Tension and relaxation are a clear indication of our mental state and what we are thinking. Sometimes we are not aware of what we are thinking.

Is there a way for stutterers to relax their stutter permanently?
Using hypnotherapy, it’s possible to locate the specific fear or fears that contribute to stuttering. It’s also possible to re-frame and desensitise the fear so that’s seen in such a way that it is no longer a threat or frightening. Once the fear has been properly removed, speech becomes as fluent as when singing.

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