Why do teachers snack?

Picture the scene at the end of the school day, the teacher grabs a cuppa and shuffles into a classroom for the start of another long staff meeting. Then, whoever is about to present the latest review of pupil progress statistics passes round chocolate biscuits or piles of sweets to give that rush of energy needed keep the audience interested. The sugar rush cannot be resisted!

But, instead of relying on unhealthy rushes of sugar to get through, how many people think about alternative ways to keep energy levels stable throughout the day?

This is particularly relevant for teachers; maintaining stable energy levels can be difficult - who regularly swaps a healthy breakfast for a coffee and a couple of biscuits or slice of cake? Will going to the gym or running around the school burn off those calories? Well it certainly can help, but some empirical evidence from one of those wrist bands which monitor a range of activities, steps, miles walked, calories burned etc, offers some 'food for thought'.

It turns out, a low intensity seven and a half hours activity throughout the day teaching, burns something like 1200 calories, whereas an hour's workout in the gym might burn around 400 calories. However, while getting the heart rate up and stretching the muscles do help improve overall well-being it also makes slumping on the settee easier to justify to the subconscious!

So the point being is this, having completed a low intensity calorie burning day are cakes, sweets and biscuits the only option to give someone the boost of energy they might need, mid-morning, afternoon or after a long day of teaching? It is well known they have high levels of saturated fats and sugars which can actually linger around a lot longer than the calories someone might think they have burned off, not to mention the highs and lows sugar gives that wreak havoc with moods and performance levels. 

Stop snacking hypnosis is an ideal way to tackle this problem. By providing a client with the tools needed to regulate stable energy levels, improve cognitive function and reduce fatigue, they will be empowered to improve their overall well-being for a healthier lifestyle and their mind-set will be steered on a course for healthier living.

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