Why don't diets work?

There is no sugar-coating it; shedding pounds can be extremely difficult for most people. Sometimes, it even seems impossible to do. It’s not that diet programmes do not work - because in truth, a handful of them do work - especially when coupled with exercise. There is nothing wrong with their approaches either. What’s wrong is that there is something that most diet programmes fail to work on... The mind.

It seems that practically everyone who diets ends up trapped in a cycle of “yo-yo” dieting. This is something that happens when people start dieting, then start food bingeing, then go back to dieting again — leaving them feeling guilty and frustrated. This dieting behaviour makes maintaining long-term weight-loss very hard. In this situation, hypnosis for weight loss can be of great help.

Since it came into popular consciousness, hypnosis has been acclaimed as the most effective way to overcome unhealthy behaviours, including those related to weight-loss. Despite that fact, it is yet to become a wholeheartedly accepted weight-loss technique. It is still met with skepticism from people who don’t realise the power of adding trance to their diet regimes.

Hypnosis, when carried out by a trained hypnotherapist, helps people achieve a deeper state of absorption, concentration, and relaxation. Through hypnosis, people can achieve heightened awareness, which is sometimes called the trance or “hypnotic state.” Once in the hypnotic state, people will be more open to suggestions and discussions that will help them change their own thinking patterns (in this case, thinking patterns related to food and exercise) and achieve better control over their eating behaviour.

While all diet programmes encourage dieters to take control of what they eat, how often they eat, and how much, weight-loss hypnosis changes the way people feel and think about eating so they have a totally different relationship with food.

Achieving and maintaining weight-loss is not a one-time process nor is it a piece of cake. It’s a major lifestyle change - no one can just start following a diet programme and lose weight in a few days’ time. They need to work on their minds first.

Slimming is not only about dieting and exercising, it is also about trusting innate abilities and building better relationships with their own dieting programmes.

Concentration, determination, and positive perspective towards dieting are things that diet programmes fail to teach dieters. Adherence is another factor most dieters struggle with. Hypnosis will deal with all those, through powerful suggestion techniques.

People encounter difficulty in losing weight for a plethora of reasons, but most of them exist in the back of their minds. The practice of hypnosis reveals those reasons and helps the subconscious mind develop a positive perspective towards the process of dieting and exercising. It helps people feel confident about their current weight, but also strengthening the determination to get fit and healthy while not negatively affecting the psychological well-being. 

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Written by Adam Cumberland - Senior Hypnotherapist

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Written by Adam Cumberland - Senior Hypnotherapist

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