What you resist persists, and forms habits

There is a division happening, whether it be political, religious, economic, education or environmental. Some people will cling to the familiar, do everything the way they have always done it, and will keep doing it and accept that the way they have been taught is the right way, without question. They then wonder why they don’t get the outcome they wanted. They are going to do the same thing but expect a different result.  
Then there are the people who are exploring other ways. Changing the way they live, think and feel, changing how they see and react to the world around them. Not taking everything that they have been told and taught as their truth. They are creating a new personal reality, and by doing so are seeing great change and seeking to live their best life. Your whole life is full of different experiences, whether it be positive or negative, and sometimes these experiences can be quite intense.  


The memories of these experiences also all have a feeling attached to them. If it is a negative experience, every time you have a similar experience or recall that experience, you also recall the same feeling or emotion. These reactions can make you form habits, as your brain and body don’t know the difference between reality, the actual experience or the memory.

Your body and brain react exactly the same way as they would if you were living that experience again. If this is a strong experience you might start to notice that you may start to feel differently because when you have an extreme reaction to something, you start a chemical reaction in your brain.

If you allow that emotion to linger for hours or days that is called a ‘mood’. If you keep that feeling going for months on end, then that becomes a ‘temperament’.  
But, if it then carries on for years, this becomes a ‘personality trait’, such as; anger, jealousy, untrusting, judgmental, has commitment issues etc…

So, never avoid your own feelings and emotions.

It is important to always acknowledge your feelings and deal with them in the moment to avoid future forming habits.  

If you identify a negative response to a situation, it is important that you deal with it, forgive yourself if necessary, or any other persons that may have been involved in the situation, in order to avoid any future forming habits.

Holding on to negative feelings about yourself or others will never serve you well, and will ensure repetition of the same emotional state or response. Identify and acknowledge it, process and appreciate the lesson, forgive all parties involved and then let the emotions and feelings move on.

This can be hard if it involves other people, however, the good thing is you only have to forgive the person in your own mind, you don’t have to formally do it to that person in order to clear the emotion.

When you change yourself from the inside you change the environment around you, instead of waiting for the environment to change around you.

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Written by Charlotte Howard, (DHP LAPHP) - Face2Face at my Private Therapy Room or Zoom
Staines-upon-Thames, Berkshire, TW19 6HG

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I am not a writer, doctor, or scientist. I do not posse any magic powers; I am a normal wife, self confessed serial-learner, & mum of 2, who is just trying to live her best life. This has driven me to explore everything about why people think, react or believe what they do, & why we all experience it so differently.

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