What to consider when stopping smoking

Cigarettes contain addictive substances. Rumoured as more addictive than heroin, it can seem daunting to consider giving them up. Now, with various replacements such as vaping, it can also seem avoidable or excusable. But what do you get from it and how high a price are you paying, not only now, but in the future? It's very hard to put your finger on, and that is what makes it so addictive, so seductive. People will come up with various explanations, but they know most of them don't hold water.

One of the few purposes they serve is that they reduce emotions; they numb, acting as a depressant. That can be a mixed blessing, but it's one of the reasons why those initial stages can be so hard. All the emotions that have been pressed down begin to rise to the surface, and may feel unmanageable. It's why so many people fail to make it beyond the early stages, and also why they so easily fall back into smoking when difficult life events crop up.

Some believe they relax them, but this is not the case. The reason you might feel that, is because your addiction is being fed. In reality they can make you more tense and can cause various symptoms of anxiety.

I could go on, there is much to say on this topic. Hypnotherapy can help you to negotiate this in manageable ways, to liberate yourself from this addiction. However, in a short article there are only a few matters you need to consider before seeking help to achieve your goal:

1. Do you really want to stop? It's a vital pre-requisite. No one can make you want this, it is important that you take time to consider and build to that final decision.

2. Is it a good time in your life to do so? Better not to pick a high stress period. Life is never stress free, but there are better and worse moments to take this on.

3. Consider the thought of never smoking again, because once you've stopped, you can't. Despite my telling people that one puff on a cigarette will undo all the work, I've had numerous people asking to repeat their smoking cessation session because they found stopping so easy they believed they could control it.

For more information please feel free to call, or alternatively seek a qualified and experienced therapist in your area.

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