What the mind can believe, the body can achieve

What the mind can believe, the body can achieve.

Ever thought of something embarrassing and then felt your face go red? Or ever reflected on a sad memory and noticed how you feel and what effect it has on you? e.g. the low mood, the sudden lack of energy and motivation, not being able to sleep as well etc. I’m sure you have. Just like anyone else.

Clinical hypnotherapy can help the mind to conceive the desired thoughts, and therefore lead the body to achieve the desired behavioural outcome. It does this by accessing the deep part of the mind known as the unconscious. By accessing this part, Hypnotherapy helps the mind to conceive or create changes consistent with the client’s goals and intentions, thus leading the client to creating the desired change in behaviour. A perfect example of this is a client who suffers from social anxiety and is unable to talk to people they don’t know. Often, clients who suffer from anxiety are  plagued by a cycle of negative thinking, however, through the power of positive visualisations, suggestions and other hypnotic therapeutic techniques, the mind eventually 'conceives' this new, desired way of thinking which in turn leads the client to ‘achieve’ the desired behavioural change (talking to people).

Of course, one might argue that we think of things all the time but they don't necessarily create the desired change in behaviour. This is the part where hypnotherapy has a significant part to play. When a person is hypnotised, the subconscious part of the mind is accessed (the part where memories are stored and behaviour is created). In summary, the subconscious mind is much more 'primed' or open to the power of suggestion. Therefore our subconscious mind is much more likely to absorb these suggestions and create the desired change in behaviour.

To simplify the explanation of the subconscious/conscious mind, I will use the example of the ocean. Parts of the ocean, near the shore may be shallow, the surface structure; the ‘conscious’ part of the mind. On the surface, the waters of the ocean are all we see; the waves of the ocean at times calm, on other occasions thrashing, unsettled. Below the ‘surface’ of the ocean is the deeper part of the ocean or the ‘unconscious’, and it contains the mysteries of the ocean as well as a life of activity and a variety of marine life that we are not even aware of. The deeper part of the ocean; is the part that hypnotherapy helps to access.

Once the deep part of the mind is accessed it can sometimes mean 'diving even deeper' to discover any underlying issues that may be causing the 'problem' behaviour, especially if a client is not aware of what caused the 'issues' in the first place. Often, behaviour can be driven by unconscious thought processes that the client is not even consciously aware of.

If you want to change any undesired behavioural patterns whether these are related to issues such as weight, addictions, phobias, anxiety or anything else, then do consider contacting a qualified and registered hypnotherapist for a free consultation or session. Next time you have an unexpected bodily or behavioural response to something, whether it’s experiencing the uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, binge eating, blushing inappropriately etc. stop and have a think about what might have caused it. What are your thoughts telling you? What is your body telling you? If you are not 'consciously' thinking of anything whilst engaging in this bodily or behavioural reaction then the undesired behaviour is most likely due to an experience or memory that you may have subconsciously repressed as well as other factors. Whatever the reason, whether you're consciously aware of what's causing your issue or not, clinical hypnotherapy can help.

Remember: what the mind can believe, the body can achieve.

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