What causes a stammer, how can hypnotherapy help?

A stutter or stammer is a speech impediment that is precipitated during some point of the sufferer’s life, common sense tells us that in most cases no one is born with a stammer. It is not congenital. The benefits hypnosis has to treating a person’s stutter means that it can be completely removed, as long as the he/she is made aware as to what and how precipitated it. The use of regression facilitates this understanding for the client, where the root causes and inner conflicts can be resolved. Relaxation is a characteristic of hypnosis and in hypnotherapy this special quality of relaxation aids the client’s ability relive an incident(s) that triggered the onset of his/her stammer.

So what causes a stammer/stutter?

The root causes can vary from person to person of course. It is the result of repressed, pent up neurotic energy or emotion in the individual. Sometimes the repressed emotion causes the guilt to sub-consciously keep the stutter at bay in everyday life. Consider a child who accidently knocks off a boiling hot teapot from the table. As it smashes to the floor it startles and scorches the little boy. He is punished and knows his mother is angry at him for it. A year later, a similar situation takes place but this time, not only does he know what he has down is naughty but subconsciously he is reliving the incident which took place before. The child reaches a point where he does not want to talk or answer his mother and yet is obliged to. Thus, the feelings of embarrassment, guilt and shame are concealed and repressed.

Individuals suffering from stammers withdraw themselves from social situations in which they are required to talk, or purposefully look for jobs in which their stammer will not interfere. In hypnotherapy, the therapists examines when and where his stuttering is most pronounced, in what situations do you stammer? Is it when you are excited?

As a result the individual’s confidence and self-esteem is impeded and feels little help is available. If you have a stammer and it is affecting your well-being, contact a hypnotherapist today. Because remember; what the mind creates, the mind can cure. Your stutter is not beyond help.

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