What can't you change with hypnosis?

The short answer to this is that in relationship to behaviour, beliefs and thoughts, there is not a lot you can’t change using the power of hypnosis - with one caveat - you must really want to change. But what if you find it difficult to really imagine what you want? You want to change but don’t know how, but more on that later.

We all have beliefs and we attach to these beliefs. As time goes by, our beliefs change. At one time, most of us believed that father Christmas was real. Sadly, some of the lessons learnt as we grow older are that life can be hard and that we can expect to fail at some of the things we try to do.

Most entrepreneurs hit a glass ceiling. Typically, when they achieve a level that they believe they are doing well no matter how hard they try, they may fail to grow their business more. The entrepreneurs that truly believe they can become multi-millionaires, do so because they believe they can do it. A key thing here is that they truly believe they can make it and that is the key.

If you read the success stories of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Silvester Stallone, you find that despite huge barriers and rejection, their unfaltering self-belief kept them going through tremendous challenges until they achieved considerable success. You can Google those success stories and if you aren’t familiar with them, you are likely to be impressed with the sheer determination and effort to succeed.  After being rejected as an actor 1000 times, Sylvester Stallone wrote the script for Rocky in a weekend and insisted in acting as the lead actor. He rejected the offer to sell the script for $225,000 to act in the lead and did it for just $35,000 (a very low amount for a lead). The film grossed over $200m at the box office and launched his career. He now commands $20m per film as an actor.

What if you struggle to imagine what you really want or your imagination keeps imagining failure?   When you try to imagine a different outcome, you really struggle to visualise it. Instead, you are left with what your experience has been - the hard facts or 'data'. In relation to Silvester Stallone - he was rejected many times. He chose, despite the data of failure, to imagine succeeding. The key is to start focusing your imagination on the outcome that you want - just as Arnie and Sly did. This is how hypnotherapy can really help add power to the elbow of your imagination. 

If you can imagine failure or catastrophe vividly, then it stands to reason that your imagination is outstandingly good. The hypnotherapist helps you harness the same skills positively, and then the world can be your oyster.

Possibly, the best thing about Hypnotherapy is its magical ability to help you very creatively imagine a different future. By imagining and visualising a different future, it become easier to implement positive change.

If you’re not sure about hypnotherapy, then why not talk to a hypnotherapist and ask how they will go about helping you achieve lasting change?

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Written by Jeff Cassapi Hypnotherapy - DIP (Hyp) GQHP

I am passionate about helping people achieve their own lasting change. I used to be shy and became confident. I didn't believe I would ever run my own business and now I am running a successful hypnotherapy practice. Your potential is limited by your limitless imagination.

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Written by Jeff Cassapi Hypnotherapy - DIP (Hyp) GQHP

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