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Weight management is not about the food nor the exercise

Weight management is not about the food nor the exercise. It’s about your psychology.

So what do I mean by this statement?

Let me ask you some questions:

  • How many diets or exercise regimes have you been on?
  • How many gym classes or weight-loss clubs have you joined?
  • How many of the new fab beach body diets have been successful?

Here is the point I want to make: you can do all of these things and be losing weight and feeling great, but for how long?

How long is it before the old habits creep back in - you miss a day at the gym or just have that cake or little treat? 

Until you address what your relationship is with food and how it has affected your life you can join all the clubs you want and you will still be going back to the one way you know - EATING!!!!

Some people eat to make themselves feel better (emotional /comfort eaters). Maybe it was from a past event that started the habit, but whatever the cause food is like a drug. People who take drugs or drink heavily do so to either make themselves feel better or help them forget something from the past.

Eating will make you feel better and you will get a temporarily high from it but then when that drops off you get a craving to eat again to get that high. Ringing any bells, like a yo-yo? So food has become a drug of choice for a lot of people and I understand why -  I love food myself but it’s not a bad habit and I know when to stop.

Other people eat because of boredom or greed. Have you ever sat at home thinking about that bar of chocolate in the cupboard even though you are not hungry? As much as you try to put it off it is likely that you will go and eat it. Unlike drugs or drink, we have to eat to survive and food is everywhere on the T.V, radio and magazines. So it is harder to stop overeating than it is to stop taking drugs etc., as we can avoid temptation if we remove ourselves form a drug environment. No so with food!

Slimming clubs offer a valuable service but they are unable to help address what the brain is doing - what’s going on in the inside in your mind, your psychology... 

Healthy body = healthy mind?

I think it’s the other way around!

If your psychology isn’t addressed then it will be like a never ending cycle that can’t be broken. People don’t realise this and once this is addressed successfully then everything else falls into place and the diet and exercise will become part of your everyday life. No more yo-yo diets or losing motivation. Hypnotherapy in particular helps target the reason for overeating and helps you to move on with your life bit by bit.

There are no magic pills or potions - it is about finding the reason for the problem instead of skirting around it. Hypnotherapy is effective because it discourages clients from going back to their old ways again - they have addressed their issue with food and moved on. They can really enjoy food without seeing it as a reward but for what it is!

There is noreal big secret about how to get the body you desire and become healthier, it’s really all about controlling your portions and eating good and wholesome foods.

Exercise is not for everyone but if you can do 10 to 20 minutes a day then you will improve your chances of toning up although reducing weight is 80% nutrition! Hypnotherapy supports weight-loss and many clients don’t go back to their old ways of eating or lifestyles once they have tried it. They make a big change and start to realise the reason for their overeating, and  start recognising it's not healthy or positive for them or their loved ones.

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Nuneaton, North Warwickshire, CV10 9GT

Written by Adam Cowming - H.P.D, C.M.H, CPNLP.

Nuneaton, North Warwickshire, CV10 9GT

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